Saturday, January 28

What to Expect from the First-Gen Facebook Smart watch?

You can see the new technologies developed by software giants on sites such as GG Bet casino online, but it is a profoundly serious change for a software company to start producing hardware. In fact. If the company making this change is big enough, it can affect the entire industry. Facebook’s unofficial announcement that it has decided to produce smart watches is, therefore, an important change: we think it will be effective enough to force the two giants of the market, Apple and Samsung, to reconsider their strategies. So, what exactly is the Facebook smart watch, and what does it promise? When will it be released? Below we answer all these questions for you. 

Not a Rumor but Also Not Confirmed

First of all, it should be noted that Facebook has not officially announced that it will produce a smart watch. All information on this issue comes from anonymous senior company officials who made a statement to The Verge editors. The Verge made this news about 3 weeks ago, and Facebook still has not confirmed the news. But it also did not deny it – since a company like Facebook would not do such an amateurish thing, we can assume that the news content is correct, and there will be an official announcement soon. However, please note that the information below is subject to change.

According to anonymous sources, Facebook has formed a team of 100 people for the smart watch project and has spent more than $1 billion to date. According to these sources, the smart watch Facebook is working on is a little different from the models we have seen so far. This watch will have a screen that can be detached from the wrist. This detachable screen, which will have cameras on both the front and the back, will allow users to shoot videos and photos. Moreover, these shots can be shared directly on platforms owned by Facebook. Facebook seems to be trying to distance users from smartphones with this project. In other words, the goal is that you can access the basic features offered by Facebook with your watch, without the need for a separate mobile application. 

Basic Features of the Watch

According to anonymous sources speaking to The Verge, Facebook has been in talks with the US telecommunications giants for a while. At this point, we can say that this smart watch will most likely have eSIM technology. However, this is not verified yet: it is just a big possibility. We do not know how the watch will function in countries other than the US: we need to wait for the official announcement for that.

Although the most important feature of Facebook’s smart watch is its cameras and eSIM support, this product will also exhibit impressive abilities. Functions such as heart rate monitor, sports activities and sleep tracking, which are found in many smart watches, will also be included in this model. On the other hand, it is stated that this smart watch will not need any smartphone to work. This is the most important difference of Facebook’s project compared to all other smart watch models: it could work alone without the need for an app or phone. 

According to unnamed sources, the smart watch that Facebook is preparing will be available in the summer of 2022 in three color options. There are speculations about the color, and most probably, the options will be black, white and gold for the first-gen version of the watch. And we will see other color options in the second and third-generation smart watches.

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By the way, the smart watch packed with all these features has not yet entered mass production. In addition, Facebook has not yet given a name to its project. Sources who received information from the project team state that they learned that the price of the smart watch was discussed at $400. However, even if everything goes well, we still have a long period of 1 year ahead of us, and Facebook may decide to make changes regarding the price (and features) of its smart watch during this time.

Apple still has a 55% share in the smartwatch market, followed by Samsung. This is not a huge market, and it is not possible for an ordinary brand to compete with both Apple and Samsung. But a giant like Facebook has the capital, technology and user base that can easily dominate a large part of the market. That is why we look forward to developments in the near future: Facebook could really change the rules of the game.