Saturday, June 10

What happened to Everton?

Before the New Year, Everton came close to the leader of the table, but out of the last 12 games, the Toffee have won only three. Liverpool lost to Newcastle, Burnley, Fulham, Aston Villa and Sheffield. What is the Champions League or the Europa League, when you are outplayed by such rivals?

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But what went wrong?

In mid-May, Everton lost to Sheffield, which by that time had already taken off from the Premier League. Goalkeeper Jordan Pickford’s face was full of disappointment. With each new game, the dreams of European competition became less and less realistic.

This is not the first time that Everton have seemed weak-willed. Ancelotti himself was often accused of the fact that his charges were simply not interested in victories. After losing to Newcastle with a score of 2: 0, the coach himself expressed everything he thought. Soon, many players, from Coleman to Pickford, relayed his words to the press.

Everyone was talking about one thing – about general team standards. And the club tried to do something with the mentality, starting with training. The idea was that training should be indistinguishable from matches in terms of its power.

Despite some notable changes, this season has played about the same team that lost to Wolverhampton in the past with a score of 3: 0. Then many were angry at what the “toffee” were, but no significant reforms took place.

When asked why Richarlison had scored just two goals in 16 games, Ancelotti replied that the Brazilian should have “sacrificed more often” and “worked harder”. And the same was said to the attacker many times inside the club – here they are clearly not very happy.

When we talk about Everton, the word “weak-willed” immediately suggests itself. This team earned only seven points, losing in the course of the meeting – only three other teams showed the worst result. In this regard, nothing has changed since the departure of Silva.

But it’s not just the players, but tactical mistakes as well. Everton rarely hold the ball or press. The Italian coach himself admitted that they “do not care about possession,” although the point is that there are no players in the squad for such a style. Basically, “toffee” sit out in defense. Their approach to play is reactive. Sometimes this tactic pays off, but more often it doesn’t.

What happened to Everton

Whenever someone scolds Everton, the criticism is usually directed at the players, not the coaches. During the match against City, Everton dropped the ball near their own penalty area and Gary Neville scolded them furiously for not wanting to go forward or give long passes. He suggested that the whole point is that there is simply no one to play like that. Many others also believe that Ancelotti could not build the game the way he wanted due to problems with the players.