Sunday, August 14

What do car accident attorneys deal with? Portland

If you’ve had a car accident, you may want to consider an auto accident lawyer in Portand for legal purposes. Insurance companies can give you a hard time for your claim, trying to settle you for a lower amount than the actual damage. Auto accident lawyers deal with these situations every day and can help you with them.


Law firms mainly offer free consultations. You can figure out how much your claim is worth with their professional advice before hiring an auto accident lawyer. Let us look at some scenarios where it is helpful to have a car accident attorney and what to expect throughout the process.


Understand the case: The first key is to determine the nature of your case, whether it is worth hiring a lawyer for or can you handle it independently. One thing to note is if the car crash has resulted in whiplash a few bruises here and there, you can probably take care of it. However, go for the attorney if the crash has caused severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injury or verifiable pain and suffering. 

A car accident lawyer examines the aftermath of the accident to determine the value of your claim. He takes over communication with insurance companies and helps you secure all the necessary documents supporting your case.


Technicality of the case: Dealing with medical bills, injury, and low insurance settlement is very stressful. A car accident lawyer will relieve these burdens from your shoulders so that you don’t have to negotiate back and forth with the insurance company. The insurance adjuster representing the other party in the wreck doesn’t work for you, and their primary objective is to minimize the loss for their insurance company. If you have an attorney on your side, you have someone who will fight for you.


Paperwork: The lawyer will collect evidence as to who is at fault for the accident and organize all the proofs and documents accordingly. He verifies insurance coverage and policy limits, helps obtain medical records and finds out if any other coverage applies. He also negotiates with Medical lien holders and tries to reduce what you owe. Then he builds a case on the details, establishing a strategy to seek compensation and represent you in court, if necessary.

Conclusion: The investigation of some cases may be more difficult than others, such as accidents involving rideshare companies, trucks, public transportation, and sanitation vehicles. Having a car accident lawyer can help you ensure you follow the appropriate procedures when dealing with these types of parties.