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Wellness Pet Food

Wellness pet food

These days, there is a lot of confusion about pet food. There are a ton of choices, but recalls on certain brands have resulted in a whole slew of new confusion. Many pet owners do not know which foods to select now, which is absolutely understandable. Wellness pet food, however, is different from all the other dog foods on the market. The evidence is in the ingredients list on the label. Quite a few of the pet food brands available contain things like fillers and artificial ingredients. We ourselves as being health-conscious, would not eat any food containing such ingredients. We all understand that living healthy means eating a lot of whole and natural food.

These basic health rules are strict followed when Wellness pet food produces their food for dogs and cats. Their philosophy is: Dogs and cats will live a healthier life being fed a diet similar to what they would probably eat in their natural environment. Therefore, this company keeps fillers, artificial colors and flavors at a minimum.

However, label reading can be rather difficult. Most of the ingredients in a typical bag of pet food are rather long and difficult enough to pronounce, let alone to know what they mean. There are even some veterinarians that do not have any idea what half of them mean. It is important that you understand the ingredients that Wellness pet food contains in comparison to other foods.

The first ingredient you will find listed on the label of many dog and cat food brands is often some sort of processed grain product. This is a ridiculous choice for cats, which are carnivores and would not naturally eat that type of food.

In addition, even for dogs which are omnivores, eating certain grains, these being processed means that the natural nutrients that were in the grain have basically been destroyed, thus leaving little to no nutritional value for the pets.

Wellness brand pet food does not use processed ingredients for their dog or cat food. Wellness pet food for dogs contains whole grains and meats to complete a natural diet, and for cats it contains the berries and meat sources that cats would normally need for their health.

In their pet food, Wellness uses meat as the primary ingredient, since this is what dogs and cats would naturally eat most of the time. In the dog food, the grains used are whole grains and easy to digest, not corn, which is preferably used by the lower brands of pet food.

Finally, Wellness pet food also contains certain fats and oils, which are good for the animal’s overall health, adding particular acids that the animals need for proper organ function. Unlike other brands of pet food, Wellness pet food does not use meat by-products, which means that the waste material from meat processing plants, such as lungs, pains, bone, stomachs, etc. is thrown into pet food of lesser quality.

This is something that humans would never consider eating, yet they would feed it to their pets. In addition, Wellness pet food does not contain any artificial preservatives, which can also have a harmful effect on the animal’s overall health.


Wellness Brand Pet Food – Only The Best Ingredients

When you think of Wellness brand pet food, you are probably thinking that this is yet another food to add to the many. There is no shortage in the types and brands of pet foods to choose from. There are so many different kinds of foods on the market that many dog or cat owners, especially new ones, are often confused about which one will be right for their furry friend.

You will find a lot of Wellness pet food reviews published explaining the all natural ingredients used in the Wellness brand pet food for dogs and cats. Compared to other pet food containing things like by-products, artificial ingredients or soy that have no nutritional value for the animals and can result in serious health problems, Wellness brand pet food does not contain any of these substances, providing a healthier life for dogs and cats.

The majority of pet food available nowadays list a wheat by-product first on the ingredients list of the pet food label. This means that the left over materials from wheat processing for human food are used as a filler, with just little to no nutritional value for the animals.

The slightly more expensive pet food lists meat by-products as the first ingredient, pretending to be the right ingredient for a healthy pet food. However, these types of meats are often the scraps that are deemed unfit for human consumption like lungs, pains, bones, feathers, feet and other left overs from processing meat. This all contains little or no nutrition for the pets at all.

Wellness brand pet food does not use by-products, but instead uses real pieces of meat and whole grains. In addition, they do not add any artificial preservatives or colors and flavors to their pet food, which can lead to serious health problems.

Wellness brand pet food contains many healthy ingredients. There are fruits that provide antioxidants, grains that provide fiber, and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. You will also find high protein for healthy muscles and condroitin and glucosamine to help promote healthy joint function.

Wellness brand pet food is not more expensive in comparison with other premium pet foods available, for example Science Diet. Wellness pet food is nutritional and beneficial for your pet. It is literally jam packed with everything that your dog or cat will need to live many years full of healthy fun. In fact, there is so much wholesome goodness in this pet food that there is not any room for the bad stuff like fats, wheat, soy or eggs. There are also no additional hormones added that can cause damage to your animal.


Wellness Pet Food Review – It Shows That It is A Popular Choice Nowadays

Deciding on what type of pet food to buy is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your furry friend. So where to start and what are your options? Nowadays, a quick an easy method is searching the internet for pet food reviews. Since Wellness pet food is a well-recognized brand, why not start with a Wellness brand pet food review?

Quite a few Wellness pet food reviews confirm that this brand is the popular choice for many satisfied pet owners these days. Aside from a quite similar price in comparison with other premium pet foods available, pet owner love the fact that it contains only high-quality natural ingredients that dogs and cats will enjoy.

Further on, Wellness natural pet food also addresses the different requirements for dogs and cats. Because cats are carnivorous, their pet food will mostly contain meat, while dog pet food will include whole grains as well as meat, as they are omnivores.

Then, the Wellness pet food review names an important benefit this particular brand provides: It does not contain any meat by-products, like so many other pet foods of lesser quality do. By-products refer to whatever is left over after processing meat for human consumption. These by-products could be bones, feet, beaks, lungs, pains or various other things, which are then added to the pet food for dogs and cats. However, these ingredients do not have a lot of nutritional value for your pet, and are mainly used as pet food fillers.

Next, most of the Wellness pet food reviews explain that only human grade meat is used, which is hormone and antibiotic free. As stated before, the cheaper pet foods contain meat and grain by-products, which have little to no nutritional value for the animals. Additionally, they contain grains like wheat or corn, which are quite difficult to digest by cats and dogs, and would not be the best choice anyway.

When you keep on reading this Wellness brand pet food review you will discover that this brand does not contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, because these ingredients could seriously affect your pet’s joyful healthy life. Their pet foods are rich in minerals, vitamins, probiotics, as well as Omega three and Omega six fatty acids. And let’s not forget that all their pet foods are tested.

In the end, reading a Wellness brand review will help you to decide what could be the ideal pet food for your furry friend. Remember, you are what you eat. Therefore, your dog or cat also deserves the best providing them with a long and happy carefree life.