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Wellness Natural Pet Food – Benefits For Your Pet

Benefits For Your Pet

Whenever people choose to eat in a healthy manner, they will consider foods that are as natural as possible, staying away from preservatives and any other artificial additives, because these are not good for their overall health. Furthermore, quite a lot of people are going to reduce eating products containing plenty of sugar as well as salt, since it is unhealthy to have an excessive amount of it in your daily diet.

Most of us understand that an appropriate nutrition is the foundation of well being for every one of us, our pets included. On the other hand, it is quite strange that what people do for themselves to stay healthy, is usually not even regarded as a good choice for their pets. Instead, in many cases, our furry friends are fed pet food that is packed with artificial ingredients and by-products; and they are not provided with a healthy option, like for example, Wellness natural pet food.

The Wellness pet food company has a completely different point of view concerning their pet food production. Instead of using artificial ingredients and by-products, the ingredients they process are all natural. This helps to guarantee that your pet will have a healthy and enjoyable life.

Wellness natural pet food can be found in different varieties to accommodate various breeds and their specific needs. For instance, Wellness natural pet food considers the differences between the nutritional needs of dogs and cats. Cats are carnivorous and require mainly meat in their diet to stay healthy and strong. Dogs are omnivorous and require extra whole grains added to the meat.

Some dogs can be allergic to particular kinds of meat and grains. Subsequently, Wellness natural pet food can be found in many varieties, such as chicken, lamb, salmon and others. Additionally, there are options for dogs and cats suffering from weight problems. The choice for overweight pets would be the light pet food variety. For cats having a problem with hair balls, there is cat food available addressing this issue.

Wellness natural pet food can be purchased in cans. Additionally, there are various special treats available for dogs and cats to enjoy. The company is totally focused on quality and publishes all the ingredients contained in their dog and cat food on their website. There is absolutely no guessing involved for concerned pet owners searching for the ingredients in this particular pet food, and it makes it really simple for people to compare this brand to all the other ones available today.

Wellness natural pet food is relatively expensive, but actually is not more pricey than any other premium brands on the market, which in many cases do not contain the high-quality natural ingredients just like the Wellness brand does.


Wellness Pet Food Company

It is no secret that the price for Wellness pet food is above average,with a fifteen pound bag of dog food in many cases selling for approximately thirty dollars. On the other hand, the Wellness pet food company is well-known for only using natural high-quality ingredients in their dog and cat foods, providing a significantly healthier option for your pet compared to other brands available.

One can possibly say that the Wellness pet food company really lives up to its name. This company prides itself in using solely natural ingredients throughout the entire manufacturing process. Neither artificial flavors nor colors will be added to their products. The Wellness pet food company also strives to educate its customers about the difference of their pet food in comparison to all the other brands out there. They demonstrate in an easy to understand way why only whole grains and high quality meat is used instead of by-products usually added as filler by other companies. More detailed information is conveniently accessible on their website.

For example, the labels of various dog and cat food brands usually list meat by-products, including wheat or corn as the first ingredients. This actually suggests the main ingredient is what has been left over from food processing for humans. These by-products are unfit for human consumption and have very little or no nutritional value for your pet.

The Wellness pet food company does not process anything similar to this at all. For their dog food, they normally use whole grains, such as rice and barley, which your dog can easily digest. The meat added to their dog food is natural human grade meat, and never lungs, bones or feet. The meat is free of any hormones and antibiotics.

Because cats are not omnivorous like dogs, Wellness pet cat food does mainly consist of meat with no grains. Both types of pet food are available with a choice of meat, which usually is chicken or salmon and an alternative option of lamb, for dogs suffering from food allergies.

The Wellness pet food products for dogs and cats do not contain any additional sugar or salt, as this is quite unhealthy for animals. Neither are any artificial preservatives used, as these have been proofed to also cause problems to a pet’s well being.

However, considering that the Wellness pet food company processes solely natural meat and whole grains, their pet food taste is already so excellent that there is no need for any artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or salt being added to it as a flavor enhancer. Think about all the high-quality natural ingredients this pet food consists of and start changing your furry friend’s diet today, your pet will love you for it.


A Natural Choice

Well, when we are thinking about treats for our furry friends, Science Diet pet food springs immediately into our minds. However, there is another brand that also uses only natural ingredients in their tasty snacks for cats and dogs, namely Wellness pet food treats.

Wellness pet food treats are made from high-quality natural ingredients, which would also be safe for human consumption. These particular pet treats do not contain any by-products, like salt, artificial preservatives or additional sugar.

You can find four distinctive types of Wellness pet food treats for dogs; and each one of these offers a different flavor for your furry friend. There is a Wellbar, which is a great crunchy treat for dogs. It is available as a vegetarian treat, primarily consisting of things like bananas, apples and yogurt. However, this particular Wellbar is also offered containing a variety of meat and vegetables.

Then we have Wellbites, which is ideal for pets who appreciate soft and chewy stuff. It is made from meat, fruits, grains and vegetables. For dogs being keen on chewing, you will find Pure Rewards, containing meat with a jerky like texture, definitely providing them with a lot of chewing pleasure whilst enjoying it.

And finally, let’s not forget our youngest family members: For young puppies, you will discover Just For Puppy Wellness pet food treats. These particular goodies, produced especially for young puppies, usually create quite a bit of excitement among young puppies whilst munching it. The Wellness pet food company continually publishes a list of their product’s ingredients; their intention is always to educate pet owners towards feeding solely natural pet food and why it really is much more beneficial for their pets compared to purchasing the ordinary brands available.

There is also a jerky treat available for cats. This cat treat is completely free of any by-products or grains. It contains human grade meat and is manufactured in a wide range of flavors to cover most of your furry friend’s preferences.

You will discover that these particular Wellness pet food treats for cats are moist and loaded with nutrients. You can purchase them in resealable pouches, which will keep their freshness. The flavors on offer are usually beef, chicken, turkey, lamb and salmon. These treats do not contain any artificial preservatives. The Wellness pet food company uses Tocopherol, which is a natural preservative, guaranteeing yet another health benefit for your pet.



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