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Villa : The Visa for your Perfect Holiday – classic custom vacation

classic custom vacation

Holiday season is coming and once you decided your destination, your finger may clicking furiously to find your perfect holiday stay over place. There may be plenty of options there : be it a hotel, resort, or even a bungalow. But, none of them are able to beat villa to realize your perfect holiday. Yes, a villa! And here’s why:






It’s a vacation! A vacation should make you feel relaxed. Nobody are allowed to bother you when you feels like sleeping in a lovely gazebo in the middle of a beautiful garden, or when you suddenly have the urge to swim during midnight by yourself, or even simply eating greasy local food that you’ve been eyeing since lunch time in your favorite PJ. After all, it’s your vacation. You deserve it!




  1. Additional space


Staying in a villa is oftenly cheaper compared to a hotel. Especially when you’re traveling with a lot of people, like your family or your friends. Instead of additional bed, you’ll get extra bedroom. Did the party stop there? No! you will also get a kitchen, a living room, and maybe, a recreational room with a pool table on it. In addition, you will also have plenty of spaces to put your shopping bags in a closet without creating a mess in your bedroom.




  1. Facilities


Instead of a plain looking room, you will get a full house itself with individual touches everywhere and a kitchen ready to use to make you feels like home: Lazy chair, big and comfortable sofa, working desks. Think about how much you can save by cooking your own meal. Or better yet, you can get locals to teach you how to make a local cuisine in your rented villa.




  1. Put your style everywhere


No hotel staff nor other guests that will stare at you even when you put your old metal band T-Shirt (with bunch of holes). That’s right, wear it proud!




  1. Your private garden.


People may find a villa as a beautiful one when they found a garden surrounding it. A garden not just makes it more beautiful, but it also makes a villa more impressive and attractive. Most of the villa’s owners took a really serious care about its garden as they make it their selling point.


So, afternoon tea in the garden, anyone?




6.Kid and pet friendly


You won’t get any cynical glimpse from other guests when your children is running everywhere or even worse: having tantrum since they practically didn’t there.


You can also bring your pet as there are more and more pet-friendly accommodation rental now.




  1. It makes for a more social holiday


A lot of people book a villa in order to spend holiday with their friends and family, and expecting to have plenty of space for everyone to socialize together in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Most of the villas are located in a perfect place, such as in the heart of the city or even in a rural area where you can’t find any hotel there. For example, Seminyak in Bali is perfect for party-goers while Amed is fit for those who seek tranquillity.  Be sure to check all of your required facilities while browsing the villas for an unforgettable stay since most villas offer a range of service and more flexible than hotels.


5 Exotic Beaches in Asia – classic custom vacation

Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand


With 200 baht for about 10 minutes round trip boat ride from Ao Nang, you’ll find yourself amongst limestone cliffs, virgin soft sands, and abundant hidden coves. Explore Phra Nang or diamond cave, climb the Thaiwand wall or simply relax by yourself on this beautiful beach with a calm and relaxing atmosphere.








White Beach Boracay, Philippines


Boracay, a small island in Philippines has gained international recognitions for its beauty. Despite it small area, Boracay has a lot of to offer for traveler and tourists. In Bocaray, you can enjoy horseback riding, scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kite boarding, cliff diving, or simply relaxing yourself in the beach that surrounded by beautiful blue water.







Padang-Padang Beach, Bali, Indonesia


This small beach in Bali is well known for two main reasons, first, it is a fantastic surf spot where surfers from all over the world can catch the waves. Second, it’s also where Julia Roberts meets her love interest in the movie Eat, Pray, Love. To get to the beach, you have to walk a long and rocky path throughout the cave. Your adventure here will begin even before you’re actually being on the beach.








Langkawi, Malaysia


Well known as the Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi is an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea, some 30km off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia. It has two main areas; the north east islands and southern islands, in which southern islands is the most popular tourist destination there. Surrounded by warm sea waters and miles of silver sand, Langkawi will surely make you craved for more swimming time there. And if lying on the beach itself doesn’t suite your vacation appetite, then jump on a jet ski or sunset boat cruise to see Langkawi’s gorgeous shoreline.



This hidden jewel in Sanya is a 7.5kilometres (4.7mi) crescent-shaped white sand beach located in southeast of Sanya City, Hainan Province, China, and surrounded by incredible views from its rainforest and mountains. You can find various water activities from kayaking to jet ski here. Yalong Bay is oftenly dubbed as the Oriental Hawaii.


Curiously Traveling to Asia – classic custom vacation

Information is key when it comes to traveling abroad, specifically to Asia. It’s like a whole new world, really, it’s a whole lot different compare to the western world. How different can it be? I won’t spoil everything but here’s the gist;




Asia is more than what you know


Yes, China is in Asia but what about India? Kazakhstan? Kuwait? Armenia? The list goes on. Know the regions and the people, being curious is an advantage when one travels to Asia. In Asia, you can spend one day kayaking in the sea, and goes to the top of the mountain on the very same day itself! You can also join people from various races in their local ceremony, and you won’t experience that if you’re never get more of your experience by actually living in Asia.




Asia is (Still) Mystical


The culture in Asia runs deep and its roots are still strong just like your email password. This is what makes Asia such an exotic destination to travel to. Imagine taking selfies behind a structure built in circa 825AD in Central Java, Indonesia or bear witness to the world’s largest tomb, the Taj Mahal in India. Dig deeper to the landmarks all across Asia and know the stories and mysticism surrounding them.




English is Not the Main Language


Out of the many languages spoken in Asia and English is not typically the one to be spoken. This is due to the many and various dialects in the different corners of Asia. It won’t hurt to learn the basics just to get by and not get lost during your travels. Pick up a few simple words along the way and a “hello” in a native tongue can make your journey so much memorable.




Food is Great! … If Your Stomach Can Handle it.


Spice, spices and spicier. If the latter sentence made you cringe then most of the food in Asia won’t suite your digestive system, but worry not! The level of hotness can be adjusted to your likings or not at all spicy. Aside from the chili food, a plethora of cuisines are at your disposal to choose from. Sweets, exotic meals, tasty meat cooked traditionally will give you literally an authentic taste of Asia!




Asia Can Change You … Spiritually.


As mentioned before, roots play a huge role in the Asian culture. Faith and religion affects the mannerism and the habits of the majority in the Asian populous. They believe in the unseen, a mystical force that governs the people, protects them, guides them and blessing them with life. Many travelers when traveling to Asia found peace and epiphany along their journeys resulting in change of perspective in life and finding inner peace within themselves, but it depends on the beholder. Will you find that too? Or will you get more?