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Two important digital marketing trends in 2021

Marketing in the age of social distancing has pushed brands to think outside the box, and the list of marketing trends for 2021, which we will introduce you below, presents the most innovative ones. We will cover campaigns that big companies did during the pandemic and got big success. In order to get the same success you need social media presence. You can buy Facebook page likes, Instagram followers and other services from trusted suppliers. By that way, your offer will convert more potential customers.


Touch with the audience


In 2020, brands finally realized that the surest way to stay in touch with audiences and customers is to get closer and show that they care. For example, consider what McDonald’s Brazil did. The fast food chain has adapted its iconic logo in solidarity with all those affected by the lockdown and the pandemic. The trademark of the brand is the two golden arches of the letter “M” have been separated to represent the vital rules of social distancing. 


The game captivated not only today’s children, but also adherents of the “old school”: millennials and boomers, who together began to build tents, forts, castles and halabudas, as in childhood. Thus, the company conveyed to the audience that it cares and shares all the difficulties, encouraging everyone during the quarantine. 


Throughout history, many moments of crisis and uncertainty have spurred the emergence of innovation and changed the views and perceptions of people, tipping the scales in favor of what really matters. For example, the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 made telephone use as popular as possible. And during the Cold War, the appearance of televisions in homes directly influenced people’s perceptions of the conflict at the time when the Vietnam War became the “First Television War in the World.” Today, when the issues of climate change and gender equality have come to the fore, people are demanding more from business.


In the current environment, we are all faced with uncertainty and are collectively looking for answers and new ways of socializing in a world where social distancing has quickly become the norm: telecommuting, online shopping, home delivery, education, medicine … to everyone and everyone: from people and businesses before governments – it was necessary to find ways to navigate in this new world. 


The world will not be the same – that is a fact. People and brands reacted differently to the pandemic, but in the end, the common denominator for both sides was trust and brand loyalty. These two factors are becoming increasingly intertwined, even as consumers expect brands to quickly change and adapt during these challenging times.


Trust and brand loyalty 


The growing relationship between trust and brand loyalty is just one of the findings of Deloitte Insights’ Global Marketing Trends 2021 report. The report is based on surveys of nearly 2,500 adult consumers in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, as well as over 400 senior executives, including CMOs from global companies in the United States.

Two important digital marketing trends in 2021

Customers have always had high expectations for brands, and in the current pandemic, they have made it clear that those expectations have increased. Successful companies, as a rule, operate transparently and with clear intentions based on trust and human experience, as well as promptly respond in real time to the ever-emerging and rapidly changing needs of their main consumer.


Based on the obtained data and statistics, Deloitte Insights highlighted key trends, the understanding of which and the ability to implement and implement them in 2021 will allow companies to “properly respond to changing customer needs, adjust their business models and strengthen the interaction between people, which is so necessary for all of us”.