Saturday, June 10

Timeless Jewelry: 5 Classic Pieces Every Woman Should Own

The right accessories can make or break any outfit. The big problem is having the right pieces on hand whenever you need them.

An unlimited supply of jewelry will definitely be helpful. However, this can be difficult to put together, unless you have limitless funds for shopping.

Having the right accessories for all your outfits and every occasion, though, is still possible. The key is to shop for classic, versatile jewelry in Qatar.

If you want to be sure you will have the right accessories that will go well with any outfit, here are five classic jewelry pieces you should invest in:


1.   A Classic Timepiece

A watch is the most versatile accessory you can own. It is the ultimate day and evening accessory that completes and elevates any outfit.

A classic wristwatch that works with nearly all kinds of ensembles should have a pared-back design.

If you want a watch that is universally flattering, opt for one with a round dial. If you are looking for something more elegant, choose a timepiece with a square or rectangular dial.

Lastly, if you want a watch with a metal strap, choose a color that you like. You also won’t go wrong with selecting one with interchangeable straps so that you can mix and match this accessory with your OOTD.


2.   Long Necklace

A go-with-everything long necklace looks good with any outfit and makes you look stylish.

A long necklace completes a top with a high neckline and any simple outfit. It works as a focal point that catches the eye and makes your ensemble more interesting.

Long necklaces also pair well with casual outfits, including jeans and white tees or sweaters. They make you look more stunning and fabulous effortlessly.

Lastly, a long pearl necklace instantly glams up both formal and informal dresses.

As some of the most versatile accessories around, long necklaces can be worn in different ways. One option is to combine one with short chains to create layers.

You can also wear it in doubles and triples and with or without a pendant.


3.   Earrings

Your ears and neck deserve some attention, too. You can do this with a pair of statement dangling earrings.

Although simple and even basic, hoop earrings are incredibly versatile, and you can wear them for any occasion and any season. They are attractive pieces of jewelry that are always in fashion.

Hoop earrings pair well with nearly every type of dress, formal and casual, and anything in between. They even take your jeans and basic tee outfit to the next level.

If you are shopping for your first hoops, go for an ultra-lightweight pair. This will be more comfortable to wear all day.

If you wear eyeglasses, you will do well to skip hoops and opt for long earrings. Dangling earrings give you an elongated look and create space between eyewear and accessories.


4.   Bracelet and Armlet

Many ladies are already content with having a watch adorning an arm. But if you want to wear another wrist accessory, you won’t go wrong with putting on a bracelet.

A simple bracelet is excellent for polishing your outfit. Additionally, its geometric shape makes it easy to pair with other accessories, including your wristwatch.

A thin, delicate bracelet with diamonds or other gemstones gives you a more elegant look. If you want something glitzier, ensure you have a sparkly tennis bracelet.

Add one or two armlets to your jewelry box as well. An armlet is a must-have summer piece that adds a stylish, delicate, and unique look to your wardrobe.


5.   Rings

Though small, this type of jewelry makes any outfit look more stylish and elegant.

If you want to add more rings to your collection, look for stackable rings first.

Stackable rings with a light braided texture, a gemstone, or that are simply unblemished, are great for mixing and matching with any outfit. Add both gold-colored and silver rings so that you can have more options to choose from to pair with your wardrobe.

A cocktail or statement ring is not only for cocktail parties anymore. It gives you a dash of sophistication and never fails to capture attention.

Size is the key factor to consider when shopping for a statement ring. If you have small hands, opt for a dainty band. If you have larger hands, you won’t go wrong with getting a bigger ring.

However, if you want to have a ring that stands out and catches attention, get a large statement ring. Think about your style and personality and shop for one that suits you.

Whether you are expanding your jewelry collection or shopping for everyday pieces, use this list to get the right jewelry that can work for all your outfits without overspending.