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Tim Bourquin Announced Sale Of His Podcast Media Property – mento media

mento media

Tim Bourquin, CEO of TNC New Media and creator of Endurance Radio Podcast announced the first ever selling of podcast media property. Endurance Radio was said to be the first podcast that has been sold in the history.


The details of the deal have not been disclosed to the public but the Endurance Radio Podcast was sold to Kevin Patrick w, a multitalented athlete and successful broadcaster who is also into producing podcasts for his clients and partnered with Usa Triathlon.


Subscribers of Endurance Radio can anticipate for few exciting new things starting this coming March as Kevin Patrick plan to carry on Tim Bourquin’s mission of providing sensible and enjoyable stuffs for multi sport athletes.


More details of the podcast sale can be heard from Tim Bourquin himself at the January 25 podcast episode of Podcast Brothers.


Rumor Girls And Radio Nostalgia Podcasts Top The 2006 List – mento media

Rumor Girls, a video podcast that scoops the latest rumors in the lime light and Radio Nostalgia, a radio podcast that features oldies but goody music from 30s, 40s and 50s top the 2006 list of first 10 most popular podcast shows from Podzinger.  This achievement is really big because Rumor Girls and Radio Nostalgia top not only the podcasts created by other independent producers but as well as shows that are produced by prominent media networks such as ABC and CNN.


Rumor Girls and Radio Nostalgia are both exclusive productions of PodShow, one of the leading media networks that bring thousands of hours of the best in video, audio and music show. PodShow is said to be very proud to know that Rumor Girls and Radio Nostalgia outperformed the best contents from mainstream media.


Podcast Listeners In UK Up By 15 Percent – mento media

According to the recent survey of Radio Joint Audience Research Limited, there are now 2.1 million people all over UK who are downloading and listening to podcasts. This is a significant increase of 15% as compared to its statistics for the past three months.


RAJAR ‘s latest survey also revealed that the number of people in UK that listens to the radio through mobile or cellular phones increases by 24% while listening via the internet was up 10 per cent. BBC Director, Jenny Abramsky commented that it is great to see radio listening at a record high, with more than 45 million people tuning in every week as it proves that radio still play a significant aspect in our daily lives. The rise of new media and digital technology further strengthen the connection of listeners to radio listening.


Podcaster Bags An HBO Online Contract – mento media

Another podcaster in the name of Hayden Black from Goodnight Burbank bags a deal from HBO Online. Black, will be working on a new pilot show, “Abigail’s X-Rated Teen Vlog” for HBO Online. He will be the one to write, to produce, to direct and to star the said show.


Hayden Black who was not able to get any TV offer before has finally prove that he can really make it to the limelight through the help of podcasting that gave him the opportunity to express his exceptional talent and sense of humour. And it is just nice to know that there are already several podcasters who achieved stardom through the use of new media.


SBIFF Successfully Introduced Podcast To Hollywood Celebrities – mento media

SBIFF or Santa Barbara International Film Festival who officially incorporated the use of podcasting with their annual film festival celebration has been very fruitful in introducing podcast or podcasting to many Hollywood celebrities.


Today, Hollywood stars like Will Smith, Helen Mirren and Willam H. Macy welcome podcast appearances or interviews with excitement. One member of SBIFF podcast team, Scott Parent told that this year, SBIFF podcasters are enjoying their unfettered access and the powers-that-be really seem to get the importance of viral grassroots style promotion.


Podcasting Summit Launched Podcast Series – mento media

The hosts of upcoming Podcasting Summit in London launched a series of podcast that covers the value and application of podcasting. It intends to give an overview of the business podcasting as well as to promote the Podcasting Summit. The Podcasting Summit podcasts are composed of three parts and tackles different topics about podcasting which are presented by Yada Yada Productions.


Simon Waldman of Guardian Media Group and Adam Rutherford of talked about podcasting on the first part of the podcast. The second part is about implementation and tracking the success of podcasts. The third part of the podcast on the other hand is the discussion of the podcasting future.


All Set For Podcast Summit in London – mento media

All is set for the Podcast Summit this coming March 19 and 20, 2007 which will be held in Copthorne Tara Hotel in London Kensington. As earlier posted, this summit which is being chaired by Paul Colligan is particularly designed for enterprise and corporate podcasters and is aimed to provide opportunities for them to benchmark the best practices of the fast growing new media and digital channel.


The 2 day passes for this exclusive gathering is £995 that comes with post-show audio and presentation slides access. For post show presentation access only, registration fee is £895. But Podcast Summit is giving special rates £595 of for SME, non-profit companies and start-ups enterprises.


Aside from the case studies, this podcasting summit will show attendees how quickly a podcast can be integrated into an existing web presence; what you need to get started and how much it will really cost you in cash and human hours; hear how companies are using the podcast in areas outside of marketing and how you can benefit from this too; how you can measure and test your return on influence; legal and copyright issues that you should know as an enterprise podcaster; and the concrete benefits of adopting social media as a marketing tool.


Prep Talk Podcast Launched – mento media

ACT, an independent organization that provides education assessment and workforce development has introduced a new podcast that is dedicated for incoming college freshmen. The new podcast is called Prep Talk Podcast which covers a variety of college planning topics to help out high school students and their families in preparing for college admission tests.


The Pre Talk Podcast likewise feature helpful tips and suggestions about choosing the right course for college, visiting a campus and various tips that relates to college planning and preparation. The podcast also provide valuable information about financial planning for college education.