Friday, March 31

Three important trends in social media marketing

Social media became a new trend in the last few hours. Before that, social media was only the communication way for the regular users. Over the years, businesses understood that social media holds a very big influence on regular users. So, that’s when they started focusing more on social media trends. 


Not only that, but new platforms appear every other week! Some quickly disappear into oblivion, others come and completely change the status quo. Take TikTok for example. The small-sized video platform only launched in the US in 2018 and has already reached over 1.5 billion users, which means 32% of the internet has downloaded the app. It is estimated to go hand in hand with Instagram in terms of total users and surpassed Facebook in terms of downloads last year.  Now more than ever, people on the Internet crave authenticity, a connection with the community. Read along to find out very important trends of social media around the globe.


Gamified content

As people have more free time than ever before, brands have found creative new ways to entertain their followers. One of the social media trends we’re seeing thanks to this is gamified content, especially on Instagram. Whether it’s quizzes, bingo or pick your own adventure posts, this is a fun way to encourage engagement with your posts.


One of the popular formats that has become popular in the era of social distancing is “stay at home” posts. As you can see in the example above from Teen Vogue, this encourages subscribers to choose their “homes” based on what kind of people are in it. In this case, this post has generated thousands of comments from people willing to share their choices.


Along with Gamifying the content, it’s important to focus on gaming streaming platforms too. For instance, Twitch and YouTube live streams are the best option currently. Not only gaming but there are thousands of streamers from the different niches that feel very good on Twitch. Also, if you use professional help, you can get Twitch followers. With the right strategy, help from the professional team and consistency – you can reach millions of viewers every month. 

long IGTV content

While the IGTV feature for Instagram videos has evolved rather slowly, it has been gaining traction in 2020. More and more brands are using this tool to create long in-app video series, and with the recent addition of brand partnership tools, it is likely to become even more popular.


Instagram has also recently made some updates to IGTV to make it more attractive to consumers. They redesigned the home page to display a creator at the top, tailored to each user based on who they follow and whose content the app thinks they might be interested in.


To get the most out of IGTV for your brand, be sure to shoot your content vertically to ensure it gets properly measured. You can also optimize your content for silent viewing in your feed by adding subtitles as shown in the example above for The K Guy.


live streaming everywhere!

It was enough to look at the Instagram Stories tab to see how the value of streams skyrocketed during COVID-19 – it felt like every person and their dog was going live! In April, an Instagram spokesperson reported that the number of live streams on the app had grown by 70% over the past month. This was probably facilitated by the platform, in which it became possible to watch live performances both on a computer and on a smartphone.


However, it’s not just Instagram users who are crazy about live streaming. Many brands have used this feature on Facebook, on pages, and also within groups. Even LinkedIn has joined the live stream! Application for creating professional networks released «LinkedIn Live» function for application only in the last year – and said that   their broadcasts generate 23 times more comments, and 6 times more responses to the post than normal video.