Friday, December 2

This Lemon Cake Recipe for One Person Is Adorable & Easy to Make

This Lemon Dessert for One Person is cute and simple to make. It can easily be done even by a novice in the kitchen. The only difficult part of this particular recipe is the selection of the lemon so you may have to buy or get ready one or two lemons.


First, mix the cake mix until it is blended and smooth. Next, add the sugar and lemon juice and mix well. Give some time to cool. Then, you can now carefully peel off the lemon and cut it into one chunk. Put it into the prepared baking pan or any round pans that you have and bake it up for 15 to 20 minutes. Remember to mix the dry and wet ingredients slowly and properly.

This recipe for One Person is great because it can be adjusted to whatever flavors you want to add or make it mild or the serving is crisp and has a wonderfully rich taste. You may add any of your favorites such as lemon or orange zest to it or a dash of lemon juice. You can also add any other flavors such as cinnamon, lemon meringue pie mix, or lemon poppy seed cake mix.


This lemon cake recipe for one person is great because it is extremely easy and simple to make. This is because it only calls for some very basic ingredients and cooking tips. All you need are fresh lemons and plain unflavored or non-flavored cake mix. All you have to do is to add the juice and lemon juice to the cake batter. This will yield you a very moist cake that is very easy to carve.

This recipe for One Person is great because it is also very budget-friendly. It only takes a few dollars so you don’t have to spend a fortune on this cake. This can be a perfect cake for a party or even for a picnic especially if you serve it with some fresh fruit. This makes a great dessert for any occasion.

The great thing about this cake recipe for One Person is that it can easily be adjusted to cater to whatever tastes you like. If you have a person in your family who is suffering from a health condition then this is the cake for them. This will also make a perfect cake for a small children’s birthday party.

Since this is made with only one ingredient you will not have to worry about using a lot of sugar or other heavy ingredients. The result will be a moist but taste-free cake that the whole family will love. It is also very simple to make. Just start by grating the lemons and applying them to the cake batter.


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You can even try making this lemon cake recipe for One Person is cute and simple to make at home. Just get all the required materials and you will be able to create a wonderful dish for any occasion. You can choose between different versions of the recipe. One can even use the dessert mix to create a dough for the cake. All in all, this is a very good dish to serve on any occasion.