Thursday, June 17

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The Ultimate Waterfall Hike – green mountain water and sanitation

The Ultimate Waterfall Hike – green mountain water and sanitation

I am continuing my mission to hike to as many waterfalls as possible this summer and this is the ultimate – Big Basin State Park, Berry Falls loop hike! I have put off this hike partly because it’s so long, 11 miles round trip and I need to get to the park early to start. So, I picked a Wednesday because the crowds would be lighter. This hike is in my 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles book by Jane Huber. My goal is to complete all of these hikes eventually! So far I’ve done 18, long way to go… Starting at the ranger station like usual and paid my fee and started in the direction that the ranger pointed, there were 2 trail closures marked on my map but it didn’t really affect my plan.  There were surprisingly quite a few other hikers along the way, this was a popular hike. I start...


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