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Start Playing Domino99 Game Correctly By Understand This

Online domino game is not actually a new type of gambling game for Indonesian bettors. We already know about this card game since the old days. Having an online platform to play domino games just put a new level of fun to it. However, you still need to know how to play it properly. This is the reason we shared this information about online domino games with all gamblers out there, especially new ones.

Understand this about domino online game

Still often wrong when playing dominoqq, here’s how! There are various variants of the type of game that can be an option to play on Domino cards. One of them is Domino 99. Domino 99 can be played by 2 or 6 players per turn. At the beginning of the game, the player will be given three cards. Well, the three cards will later be taken; two cards are used as the head of the value of the card itself.

For example, if the first card is worth 6, the 2nd card will later be worth 3. And when added up, the card will be worth 9. Then the rest of the third card will be worth 2, so you just need one additional card worth 6 to get a total of 8. Which means the value of the game is 98. So for the players who are able to produce the highest score, they are considered the winners.

Next, if you are sure of the first two cards that have the highest value, then later, the card dealer or usually called the dealer, will invite you to place a bet. The bet is to see the four tails of the first two cards. This means that the third card is added to the fourth card to be the tail of the score you will have later.

As soon as the head on the card is finished, all you need to have is to bet and see the tail of the card you have. But when other players do not follow the bet in this round, it means that the head of the card has a small value. So this application is considered void. That’s how to play domino99.

The next trusted way to play domino99 online is when the domino card is known as “gaplek” in Indonesia. A card with a size of 3 x 5 cm with circles on each card. The circle is used as a substitute for numbers. Initially, these cards are shaped like tiles, similar to the game “Mahjong”.

But over time, the tiles are replaced with cards, almost like playing cards but much smaller in size. What distinguishes this card is that it is divided into 2, the limit between the upper and lower cards. That’s what distinguishes the value of the card lies on one side with the other side.

Start Playing Domino99 Game Correctly By Understand This

Winning an online domino game

After an explanation of how to play domino99, now the criteria for the winner of this game will be described, which you can see as follows:

  • Log 6 card

The log 6 card is the highest card in Domino 99. This means that these 6 log card will consist of 4 cards. And it contains six circles on each card.

  • 4 log card

Next is the log card 4. This means where the log 4 card will consist of 4 cards containing log cards or the same number of top and bottom circles.

  • Big pure card

Next, what is meant by this large pure card is where the number of cards is 4 dominoes with a total of 39 circles.

  • Small pure card

The way to play domino99 is by looking at the number of 4 dominoes totaling nine circles. That is what is called a small pure card.

Start playing an online domino game

So in the past, this game was often played by elders. Sometimes they gather in one place and together with some people will play dominoes. But as time goes by, the way to play domino99 is not as open as it used to be. Because now more people choose to play online due to easy access to play the game. Besides, it can be a solution for gamblers with tight activities. Gamblers can play domino games directly from their device; therefore, it will ease you a lot when you have this kind of feature for online gambling game.

Overall, what we want for any gamblers out there is to have more fun and be able to gain profit from online gambling games. It would be far better for you when you knew how to escalate your winning prize to gain the maximum prize from the domino game. Let’s make a profit from online gambling games like domino games and have fun with them.