Saturday, June 10

Sofas That Work in Small Spaces Like Magic!

We all like to live larger than life, but sometimes your pocket-size apartment can’t handle that.  But this doesn’t stop you from giving your living room a makeover. No matter how small your living room may be, there is always a sofa set model that will sit perfectly. If you thought there are very limited options of sofa sets for smaller space, then think again after you have checked out the below models.

sofa set

  1. Small L-Shaped Sofa: If you thought only larger space can accommodate section sofa, then you should checkout out small section sofa models that are available online and in stores. You can tuck this in the cozy corner of your living room and enjoy lavish seating space too.
  2. Loveseat: This two-seater couch remains the all-time favorite of many. It offers a bench-style comfortable seating in your living room. Pick a dark-shaded loveseat so that they create an illusion of depth in your small room. Add colorful small-size cushions for a dash of smashing look.
  3. Armless Sette: Exchanging your sofa with an armless sette can be a great way to make space for other things in your living room. You will be wondered to see how much space those arms occupy in the room. Go with a floral printed sette, it will add an exotic touch.
  4. Contemporary Convertible Sofa: When you have space constraints, then choosing this model makes absolute sense. This sofa come bed model comes to your rescue when you have some friends, family, or relatives come over to stay at your place. These make comfortable seating as well as a sleeping option and don’t even look bulky. You can roll out the bed as and when you need, and when not in use you can roll it back and change it to a sofa.
  5. Small Lawson Sofa: If you are looking for a sofa set that’s more simple and has a modern touch, then the lawson sofa makes the best bet. Typical of its boxed shape, the Lawson sofa is the most commonly shopped sofa model. You have 3-seater and 2-seater models available, chose the one that suits best your space.
  6. Recliner Loveseat: We all know that a recliner sofa set screams luxury and there is no denying the fact that it occupies a lot of space. However, modern-day furniture stores have decided to innovate the loveseat and add a recliner to it, without making them looking oversized! Now isn’t this good news! Recliner loveseat comes with a complete console that can be used to lift the lower half of the sofa so that you can stretch those legs while catching up on your favorite web series.
  7. Tufted Back Sofa: Tufted back sofa is the most comfortable of all the designs and is widely loved too. They are stylish to look at and the seating is very comfortable

So don’t let small square food space take away the style and charm from the décor. Consider these models next time you go shopping for a sofa set for your living room.