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Red Borneo Kratom Strain Information:

The integration of Kratom in the modern Botanic and Nootropic world, everyone wants to try the product. However, the terminology of the Mitragyna world can be confusing to a layperson. Especially when it comes to strain choice, the variety of terminologies can be extremely puzzling to beginners in the Kratom world. This confusion is where we come in.

My Kratom Club focuses on making your Kratom experience the best. A wrong strain choice can spoil your entire experience and sway you away from Mitragyna. To keep that from happening, we provide you with an in-depth analysis of various strains. One of the infamous red veined strain in the industry is Red Borneo Kratom.

Red Borneo

The origin of the strain:

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a natural vein of Mitragyna is its source. Red, White and Green-veined Ketum strains are not fermented.

These veins grow naturally in tropical conditions. The best Kratom is found in the Southeast Asian regions of the world. Mainly, the farmers of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia export their Kratom to the modern world.

Kratom strains are mostly named following their origin. The same is true in the case of Red Borneo.

Red Borneo grows best in the fertile soils of the Borneo Island. This island is the largest island of South Asia and shares its land amongst three countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

It has fertile soil and the optimum temperature and climate range for Mitragyna growth. Borneo is the origin of several other strains as well including Red Dragon and Maeng Da.

However, the most famous strain originating from Borneo is Red Borneo. It comes from the part of the island under Indonesian jurisdiction.

The cultivation of Red Borneo requires an experienced and steady hand. Furthermore, it needs proper climate conditions and soil.

Therefore, farmers in the U.S cannot replicate Red Borneo’s quality from Borneo Islands anywhere in the world. Moreover, the well-balanced alkaloid profile adds to this strain’s value and makes it one of the best strains currently present.

Farmers of the Borneo region have achieved mastery in cultivating this strain. Customers can gauge the abilities of these farmers from the quality and reputation Red Borneo enjoys.

Red Borneo

About the strain:

This strain is amongst one of the top-selling strains in the Kratom world. It is right next to Maeng Da and Bali strains in terms of popularity.

It was one of the first strains that appeared on the U.S market and have accumulated a large fan following over the years. Consumers belonging to every facet of society rave about the potency and strength of this strain.

It is generally regarded as a relaxing strain rather than a focus-oriented strain. It is legend-tier, and Mitragyna forums on sites like Quora and Reddit have numerous testimonials from customers worldwide.

The Borneo originating strain has created a well-deserved hype around it. It is a well-balanced strain which is perfect for beginners. However, if you keep building the dose safely, experienced users can also opt for Red Borneo.

How do you identify an authentic Red Borneo Kratom product?

There are many identification features of Red Borneo which makes it easier for the customers to recognize an authentic product. Currently, the vendor market of Mitragyna is highly saturated. New vendors are popping up every day like corn.

Many of these vendors are selling inferior quality products that have added artificial flavourings and colours in them.

Authentic Red Borneo is always brownish colour with a slight red-green tinge to it. This powder has an earthy smell to it. Red Borneo leaves are slightly larger than regular Kratom leaves and have a sharp red vein and step.

The easiest way to identify authentic Red Borneo is its taste. Red Borneo Kratom has the distinct bitter taste which is characteristic to Mitragyna.

Suppose your Red Borneo does not have these recognizable features. In that case, it is plausible that you have bought from a poor quality vendor.

Red Borneo

The alkaloid profile of the strain:

The alkaloid profile of any ketum strain refers to the concentrations of specific alkaloids present in that strain.

Every Kratom strain has a different alkaloid profile. This factor makes every strain unique and their associated effects different from each other.

Red Borneo has a brilliant alkaloid profile. It is starkly different from all other strains in the market.

Two of the most apparent alkaloids in this strain include 7-hydroxy mitragynine and 9-Hydroxy Corynantheidine. Both of these alkaloids work to relax the mental and physical muscles of the user.

These alkaloids are the reason for Red Borneo’s superiority as a relaxant amongst all red-veined leaf types.

Many customers have claimed that Red Borneo works better than medicinal sleeping bills for the purpose of relaxing them.

What to expect from Red Borneo?

When trying out a new leaf type, it is crucial to know the associated effects of that strain. The same is true for Red Borneo.

Red Borneo Kratom strains are powerful and potent. Customers have reported the strain to be very strong and come into effect almost instantly after use.

You can expect to have a relaxing and well-rounded experience when trying Red Borneo out. The alkaloids of this strain act on the nervous system of the customer and works in several ways.

Some of the associated effects of Red Borneo include:

  • The most apparent effect which we get from Red Borneo is relaxation and euphoria. High doses can even result in effects like slight sedation. These factors make it the perfect strain if you are looking for ways to relax at the end of a long day.
  • Red Borneo is rich in Speciogynine, Mitragynine, and Corynoxine A and B. These alkaloids work to boost your mood. This is the reason why Red Borneo is very popular amongst users going through depression and anxiety.
  • The strain works to de-stress you. Hence it is fantastic if you want to relax before a big presentation.
  • Red Borneo regulates your sleeping patterns. Not only does it induce sleep, but it allows you to sleep undisturbed and wake up well-rested.
  • If you have jitters, low self-esteem, and anxiety; Red Borneo is perfect for you. The strain calms you down and boosts your self-confidence. It makes you less nervous and more content and happy.

All of these effects can be expected when choosing Red Borneo. The leaf type is impressive and has a massive customer following.

Red Borneo

How is Red Borneo a superior strain?

Red Borneo is one of the top-tier strains of Kratom. It is a household name and a customer favourite amongst Mitragyna enthusiasts.

There are several reasons why Red Borneo is included in the lists of superior Kratom strains. This strain was amongst the first strains introduced in the U.S market. It gained attention and has a huge customer following today.

Red Borneo has a unique alkaloid profile that is distinct from all other strains. It is amongst the euphoric strains in the market. At the same time, the strain is well-balanced and not overwhelming.

This balance makes Red Borneo perfect for everyday use if you are looking to unwind. Furthermore, it has a reputation for helping people with mental illnesses.

What is the perfect dosage for Red Borneo?

Dosage is one of the most important parts of trying a new Kratom vein and leaf type. If you are a beginner with Red Borneo, a small dose of 1-2 grams will give you the desired effect.

If your tolerance builds, increase your dose slowly up to 5 grams. However, if you are an experienced user, you can start with a dose of 4-5 grams and increase it until you reach 7-9 grams.

It is also recommended to try a minimal dose of less than one gram when trying a new strain. This test dose lets you figure out if you will get any allergic reactions from the product.

It is also essential to consult your doctor if you have any previous allergies to plant products or are on medication. These precautions decrease the risk of any allergic reactions.

Where can I buy excellent quality Red Borneo?

Vendor choice is crucial. You should always get quality Red Borneo and focus on purchasing from vendors who know what they are doing.

A great vendor always tests its products and ensures that you are purchasing Mitragyna without any contaminants. Furthermore, a higher price does not guarantee high quality in the Kratom world.

On the other hand, vendors who have reasonable price ranges are usually selling good quality Kratom. Make sure that your vendor does not sell synthetic Mitragyna.

It is essential to buy from a vendor who is accessible. Please do not go for sketchy vendors who do not have contact information displayed on their websites.

Furthermore, look for brands and distributors with outstanding reviews. The best place to purchase Red Borneo is My Kratom Club.

We distribute Red Borneo from the best brands. Furthermore, we do not have inflated prices which makes us a fantastic vendor choice.

My Kratom Club also has several payment and shipping methods available, making us the best choice in buying Red Borneo.

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Bottom Line:

Red Borneo is a brilliant strain perfect for busy students and working individuals. It lets you unwind after a long day. The best way to unwind with Red Borneo is by brewing a relaxing cup of tea and enjoying the relaxation that comes from it.

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