Tuesday, September 27

Preparing Your Home for Pest Control Treatment

Every year, around 14 million homes in the US report roach infestations. More report seeing rodents in their dwelling. When you have unwanted guests all you can do is get the experts in, but how do you prepare for their arrival?

While this does depend on the type of pest, there are some universal tactics.

Read on as we discuss how to get ready for your pest control treatment.

Move Furniture

When you have booked pest control, the first thing you need to do is move your furniture. You don’t have to clean the whole home, but you need to allow clear access for the pest control service to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Start in your infested rooms. Move all furniture away from the walls. This should include any appliances, which may need to be disconnected.

Prepare Floors

Next, you should prepare any floors and furnishings to protect them when spraying for pests. Start by scrubbing any wood floorings and cleaning carpets. This removes any surface eggs or excrement that may be lying around.

Make sure you focus on cracks and crevices. Wipe down any cleaning implements and appliances afterward. Wrap any cloth used for cleaning in plastic and dispose of it outside.

Pack Away Soft Furnishings

Any soft furnishings can hold the treatments that a pest control service may use. Any children’s toys, clothing, and fabrics should be covered and packed away if possible. Have a look here if you need more advice on pest control and how to prepare.

After this, remove any bed sheets, cushions covers, or drapes. If you don’t have the room to store them, then wrap them in plastic coverings. When you have some pests like termites you may even have to clear out wooden furniture.

Pet Proof the Home

Pets are very sensitive when it comes to pesticides and they are more likely to come into contact with them. If you can, get your pets sent to a friend or family member’s house until it is safe.

Store their toys and bedding as you have done with any other items. You should also ensure they have a thorough flea and tick treatment.

If you keep aquatic animals, cover the aquarium with plastic so chemicals do not get into the water. Turn off pumps so they don’t suck in chemicals that are in the air. You may wish to add an auto feeder to your tank.

Let Your Neighbors Know

Don’t forget to tell your neighbors if you are in close proximity.

Some people may be more prone to allergies and pesticide poisoning. It also lets them know that pests are in the area, so they may want to check their own home.

Finding Pest Control Treatment

Now you know how to prepare for pest control treatment, create a plan. You may need to prepare storage or get some materials. Find a company that knows what they are doing by looking online for reviews and testimonials.

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