Thursday, August 11

Preparing for professional certification: LPM certification

In today’s digital world nobody has a lot of time to be spent in terms of planning and making the investment targets to manage the portfolio in a very slow manner. Hence, everything should happen very concurrently which is the main reason that it is very much important for the people to embrace the concept of decentralised decision-making which is only possible if people have a good command over the lean portfolio management concept. Hence, the concept of lean portfolio management certification comes into importance over here because this will be providing the people with the right kind of training to make the business plan and align the organisation goals very effectively without wasting any time negotiating in terms of modernisation.


This particular training program has been specifically designed with the motive of providing the people with a complete idea about the distributed courses and driving them deeper into the learning about different kinds of topics. Understanding is considered to be the key to success in this particular area so that accomplishment can become successful and after this people need to enlighten themselves on the portfolio vision established in different kinds of ways. Hence, coordination with the value streams is further very much important so that people have a clear-cut idea about the terms like investment funding, lean governance, portfolio management and several other kinds of operations.


The professionals have been delivering this particular training for more than two decades of experience in the world of agile environment that further make sure that they will be successful in terms of handling the courses perfectly. They will be having the right kind of experience of demonstrating the concepts very easily and will further make sure that numerous scenario based examples will be easily available for the people. The LPM certificate will be valid for one year from the date of clearing the examination and people have to renew the validity after every year.

Preparing for professional certification LPM certification

Following are some of the professionals who can go with the option of having this particular certification:


  • Program managers
  • Project managers
  • Program consultants
  • Agile coach
  • Epic owners
  • Portfolio managers and several other kinds of professionals


Following are some of the most important advantages of going with this particular certification:


  1. LPM will help in teaching the participants about proper alignment with the common business vision and will make sure that organisations will be employing people who have a good command of the field.
  2. Every portfolio will arrive at the desired results and trained people will be very much successful in terms of measuring the tactics as well as the outcome of the company so that results are available in a single place.
  3. This particular certification will be throwing light on three main portfolios namely the strategy and funding, governance and portfolio operations so that people can make the right kind of decisions in the long run.
  4. Defects will be reduced and quality will be ultimately improved with the help of this particular certification.


Hence, going with the option of LPM certification will help to make sure that employees will become very much productive, happy as well as satisfied in their life and their jobs.