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Preserving pet fur, feather and pet cremation ash into quality glass pet memorial jewelry, pet loss keepsakes, pet mementos and bereavement gifts for pet loss.

You have memories.  Let us help you preserve them.

Pet Memorial Glass & Jewelry understands pet loss.  Our pet memorial glass jewelry, pet loss keepsakes and pet loss bereavement gifts are created for you, your friends and family who desire to hold close to their hearts a remembrance of their pets, past or present in a tactile form that is unique to you, your pet and your memories of the time that you and your pet have shared together.

Pet Fur Keepsake Pendant

Pet Memorial Glass & Jewelry uses time tested glass working techniques that are combined with your pet’s cremation ash, pet fur, feathers or photographs to create a beautifully unique, designer quality keepsakes, jewelry and sympathy gifts of glass for pet loss.  Our pet cremation glass jewelry, pet keepsakes and pet loss sympathy gifts are handcrafted especially for you, using our original Pet Memorial Glass & Jewelry trademarked designs.

Pet Memorial Glass & Jewelry understands your hearts desire.

Having a desire to have a keepsake of glass to memorialize your pet is a desire to have a lasting reminder of the special connection that you and your pet have shared together.  A connection so bonding that it will remain sealed in your heart, with you, forever…..more pet loss

Pet Memorial Glass & Jewelry understands that your pet is one of a kind. It’s a quality that we cherish about the relationships between people and their pets. Pet Ash Keepsake Heart

Every ash, fur or photo pet memorial keepsake we create is as individual as you and your pet.  Creating pet keepsake art from the heart is a responsibility to our clients that we take seriously.  Most of our pet cremation jewelry designs can be customized to your specifications.  You can be confident that your desires are important to us.  Our pet memorial jewelry, keepsakes and pet loss mementos are lovingly and carefully crafted individually, by hand, using only the highest quality materials.  Each cut rendered in every piece of glass creates a distinctly unique original with no two exactly the same, just like you and your pet. 

Feel free to browse our site.  We would like you to know all you can about us.  Check out our keepsake design choices at our On-Line Store.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, we are happy to assist. 

Pet Loss, One of life’s heartbreaking emotional truths.

When we have it in our hearts to share our lives in the companionship of animals, we will inevitably experience the loss of a pet.


Maybe the loss is a recent event in your life. It could be the loss of a pet from years past, or you may be facing pet loss in the near future due to the failing health of an aging friend. 

Coping daily with the loss in your life is difficult at best. Then we can become riddled with guilt and even embarrassment that we are so emotionally bonded to our pets. We can even find it difficult to allow ourselves to grieve for our pets due to fear that others will not understand.

It’s Okay to grieve for them. It’s Okay to miss them. It’s Okay to desire to hold on to your memories.  

Keepsakes can be key in assisting you through an emotionally difficult time that I understand all to well, as I too have suffered greatly at the loss of my cherished pets. 

Provided to you on the right hand side of this page are support resources that offer assistance and information about Pet Loss, Grief and End of Life decisions.

If you feel that one of our keepsake products might be what you are looking for, visit our Online Store or Contact Us with questions, we are happy to assist.


It’s my sincere hope that Pet Memorial Glass & Jewelry can be key in assisting you on your personnel journey towards healing your broken heart

Frequently Asked Questions

Site Construction Near Completion

So glad you stopped by.  Feel free to stay as long as you like. We hope that you will pardon our dust as we put the final touches to our new home.  We have many keepsake products being added daily to our product store and invite you to visit our tributes gallery.  We are making daily additions to our site, so check in often. Please contact us or call 303.810.1135 if you are having any difficulty finding a keepsake or need guidance in placing an order.  We are happy to assist you with any questions that you may have.


  1. After I order a keepsake memorial, what happens then?

Once you have completed your order, we receive an e-mail notifying us.  We will send you a e-mail confirmation of the order request being received and to follow up with you about the order details and be available to answer any additional questions that you may have.


  1. If I order an ash or fur keepsake, how do I get the materials to you?

When your order is received we immediately send a collection kit to you in the mail so you can send to us the ash or fur for the order.  Once your kit is returned to us in the mail, we contact you and verify your keepsake choices.  We will then begin the design process for your order.

ollection Kit for Ash and/or Fur Keepsakes

Upon receipt of your keepsake order, we immediately send to you in the mail a kit for sending us your beloved’s ash and/or fur for your keepsake.  Kit includes pre-addressed padded envelope, collection bag for ash and/or fur and instructions.


Collection Kit is mailed


Ash Keepsakes

Write name of pet on the smaller of the two bags in the kit.  Place approximately ¼ to ½ teaspoon of pet’s ash into the bag and seal.  Place the small bag into the larger bag and seal.  All ash not used in your keepsake will be returned to you with your order.


Example amount of ash to place in bag

Fur Keepsakes

The example below shows an adequate amount of fur to send us for a keepsake pendant.  Any fur not used in your keepsake will be returned to you with your order.


Example amount of fur to send in bag

Mail Back To Us Your Kit

Once we receive your completed kit back in the mail and through out the design process, we remain in contact with you. 


We will notify you promptly of the arrival of your beloved’s remains and verify your keepsake order choices prior to begining the design.  Orders normally take 7 to 10 business days to complete once your kit is received by us.  Please include a photograph of your beloved companion and a sentence or two about them or e-mail photo and tribute to us.  It helps us to connect to you and your pet as we design your keepsake.   Mail Us Back Your Completed Kit


Design Process Begins

Our keepsakes are created individually, one design at a time by one artist throughout the process.  Art glass and dichroic glass is hand cut for all of our keepsakes and ground to shape.  Ash remains are carefully measured and mixed for the keepsake design.  s

Keepsake Design  

The Firing Process

Keepsakes under-go several glass kiln firings and hand grinding to achieve the desired shape.