Tuesday, September 27

Organic Pet Food

pet food

Some people still tend to prepare their own pet food, although this is not quite ideal for the typical family. Commercially prepared pet food is usually the most convenient choice, but not necessarily the healthiest for your animal. Do not rely on what the ads or the front of the bag states. As an alternative, start looking for organic pet food. Check the ingredients list, it is a tell-all. You will find there are no pesticides or artificial preservatives shown. The right organic pet food will be quite beneficial for your dog and his overall health providing a long and happy life.

Think about more energy. No one wants an emotionally withdrawn pet. We want our pets to play with our kids and other animals. We want them to be affectionate. Organic pet food can make your companion much happier because he feels better. Diet-related illnesses are a big problem with many pets, but the right pet food solves those problems.

Let’s think about toxins. Organic pet food is very similar to the organic food people consume. When you go to the produce section at your grocery store, you tend to stay close to the organic section because you know that these foods will not have pesticides on them or any other toxic chemicals. They are grown as nature intended. Your dog or cat definitely deserves the same attention. If you would not eat food with pesticides, you shouldn’t give it to your pet either. There is a potential risk for serious organ failure by exposing your furry friend to too many toxins.

Further on, quite a lot of commercially manufactured pet foods claim they are nutritionally complete. Did you know that they add extra “nutrition” during the processing of the pet food because there isn’t any when it is first made? Organic pet food is all natural, from start to finish. It is truly the only type of pet food that can claim it is nutritionally complete and not be hiding the details. Protein levels should be high, and whole grains (in moderation) should be used. It should also contain real vegetables, meats, etc.

When you are looking for an organic pet food, try to keep some things in mind. Avoid any hint of chemical preservatives. Ethoxyquin, BHA, and BHT are all chemical preservatives. Some preservatives are necessary to maintain the freshness of the pet food. Organic pet food, however, will use natural preservatives, like vitamins E and C.

Steer clear of the commercial processed canned pet foods. Even if it claims to be an organic one. The canned stuff is usually made from the unhealthiest, discarded pieces of meat and is not generally made from organic sources. Think about the meat that you buy. When you buy hamburger meat, you want real beef, not thigh or brain. It is the same with canned food, even the chunky stuff. Again, check the ingredients list to determine if the food is really a canned organic pet food.

Finally, try to limit the amount of grains that the organic pet food contains. The ingredients list can help you here too. On an ingredients list, the ones that are in higher concentration are always listed first. If there are grains contained, they should be at the very bottom of the list to ensure that there is not a high concentration.

Feeding organic pet food is for the benefit of all, the animals, their owners and the environment as well. It can maintain your pet’s healthy weight, minimize allergies and skin problems and aid in digestive issues. Above all, organic pet food will guarantee a happy and mostly carefree life for your furry friend.


Natural Organic Pet Food

It is no secret that going organic can add several benefits to people’s overall health by boosting their energy levels. This can result in, for example, being less prone to catching colds and suffering from allergies. But what about our furry friends? Does changing to natural organic pet food have the same effect on them like on ourselves?

Because it is important for animals as well to get all the essential nutrients needed for a joyful and healthy life, feeding them natural organic pet food will provide them with nearly the same benefits people themselves enjoy. This kind of pet food offers better nutrition containing just natural and healthy as well as holistic ingredients.

Although not all kinds of natural organic pet foods are one hundred percent organic, these days there are several companies available striving to achieve an ideal result by using solely ingredients originating from organic production. As a result, allergies linked to pet food are practically non-existent, guaranteeing your pet having an almost allergy-free life.

Let’s think now about more energy and a healthy weight. There is no joy when your companion suffers from organ failure, diabetes or back ailment, to name

just a few. Undoubtedly, a few extra pounds can increase the risk of many diseases. Natural organic pet food does not contain bulk-fillers; therefore, your pet gets only what is needed to maintain a healthy energy level and life functions. And what about the taste? Your pet enjoys this kind of food probably more, too. It is definitely better for your canine friend eating smaller amounts of pet food, which tastes a lot better and is of more nutrient value. An organic diet can help to avoid obesity and encourages your pet to exercise more.

Further more, because natural organic food contains no chemicals, pesticides or antibiotics, but human-grade meat and natural whole grains, it is much more digestible. And it is preserved with natural substances like vitamins C and E. This means that your pet will only eat what it needs, and not the unnecessary bulk fillers and additives contained in the usual commercial pet food. This will surely result in less digestive disorders.

Let’s not forget skin problems. Because of a lack of artificial flavor and colors, pesticides or chemicals in natural organic pet food, your furry friend will definitely be less prone to any skin problems.

And finally, how about life quality and longevity? It is quite simple: The way the quality of your diet will affect your life, the food you give your pet will have the same impact on your dog or cat. It will greatly affect how they look, act and feel.

Feeding natural organic pet food will help to keep your furry companion in a healthy, strong and dynamic shape during all stages of its life. This nutritious food will ensure that your canine friend can enjoy a long and happy carefree life.