Saturday, June 10

New Podcast For Jazz Aficionados – mentor media

mentor media

Jason Crane, a musician and jazz enthusiast unveiled the launching of his new podcast: Jazz Session that will feature conversations with various jazz personalities. The Jazz Session is a weekly podcast show that will interview the jazz artists and other personalities behind the jazz music.


Jason Crane proudly presents the premier episode of Jazz Session with an interview with tenor saxophonist Grant Stewart who just released a new album In The Still Of The Night through Sharp Nine Records.  Learn more about Grant Stewart on this special Jazz Session pilot episode. And more will come as Jason mentioned his upcoming guests that includes Pat LaBarbera; The Respect Sextet and Bob Sneider.


MyMedia Podcast Contest Won By St. Joseph And Argyle Alternative High School Students – mentor media

The MyMedia Video Podcast Contest which was held last 2006 for the first National Media Education Week in Canada was won by students from St. Joseph High School in Ottawa Ontario (first place) and Argyle Alternative High School in Winnipeg Manitoba (second and third places).


This podcast was organized by Media Awareness Network, a non-profit Canadian organization that supports and encourages media and Internet education. It was conceptualized to show the young generation the media’s approach in portraying or representing each member of the society. This contest was made available to grades 7 to 12 students around Canada.


The video podcast that was awarded as the first place is titled Media Labels. This is about young people who are labeled and stereotyped in the media wherein one student was able to break free and change his label. The podcasts that were chosen as winners along with the other finalists can be viewed here.


Art Tour Podcast From Holland America – mentor media

People who are planning to tour/travel using the cruise line of Holland America Line can now maximize their cruise experience because Holland America release sets of self guided art tours that are delivered through podcasts. These podcasts are like an art exhibit because it showcases the extensive collections of art, antiques and collectibles onboard of their 5-Star ships. These podcasts are likewise recommended for art aficionados and for those who just want to see Holland America’s great art collection.


With these podcasts that you could conveniently download at your portable media player, you will surely appreciate the classiness of the tour and services offered by Holland America to their passengers. The onboard art archives of Holland American will surely enrich your mind and make your tour more in-depth and meaningful as you sail on the high seas.


BCS Unveiled oddIT Podcast – mentor media

The British Computer Society proudly unveiled the launching of oddIT, their first ever podcast production that tackles the odd side of information technology. The oddIT podcast features recent interesting and weird IT related news and stories.


The podcast and its producers aim to bring the entertainment and fun side of IT and being an IT. It is a way to show that IT is a lot more than spreadsheets and programming. The podcast will reveal that IT is also an engaging and amusing community.


A new episode of oddIT podcast will be released weekly. So if you are an IT, tune in to explore the odd and more interesting side of the industry.


Podcast For Gay Teens On Channel 4’s GLB Week – mentor media

Channel 4 is having a special tribute for gay, lesbian and bisexual teens this week! They are airing a week of programs about gay, bisexual and lesbian teenagers. And part of these programs is the release of a special podcast that features QBoy, the most popular gay rapper in the UK.  The podcast features a comprehensive and informative discussion about being teen and gay.


This is a two part podcast wherein the first part deals with gays coming out to their families and part two is about gays who are coming out at their school. The special podcast aim to help and provide inspiration to gay teens on regards about dealing with the issues on their sexuality. These special podcasts are offered for free but you need to register your name and email address to gain the access.


Sun’s Chairman Is Podcasting – mentor media

Scott McNealy, the co-founder and current Chairman of Sun Microsystems inaugurated his very own podcast “The McNealy Minute.”  And it is really awesome to know that somebody like Scott could now be heard globally in a regular basis.


The McNealy Minute podcast will be featuring series of interviews with people in the industry and of course each episode will definitely contain interesting updates about the company and insights of the person who made Sun an industry leader worldwide.


The premier episode of Scott’s podcast featured a conversation with new Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz where they talked about their division of labor, business at Sun and eliminating the digital divide.  Scott’s site at Sun also contain several audio and video contents that are worth exploring to learn more about him and the industry.


RingTales Announced New Cartoon Podcast – mentor media

RingTales,  a new media company who got an exclusive license to animate and distribute more than 70000 cartoons of The New Yorkers Magazine recently unveiled the launching of their new podcast that featured these animated cartoons. Witness how New Yorkers cartoons transformed from print to digitally animated video podcast. These animated cartoon podcast is available for download and subscription via iTunes.


Those who will subscribe to the free advertiser-supported podcast will be receiving 3 new episodes of The New Yorker “RingTales” every week. Comic strips fanatics can anticipate for more from RingTales as the producer of this new podcast will soon be adding more popular comic strips side from the company’s original creations.


Equity Association Bags Deal For Podcast Actors – mentor media

The British Actors’ Equity Association has bag a deal with B7 Productions that will greatly benefits its actors/performers appearing in the podcast. According to Equity, this may be the foremost agreement in the world that guarantee performers a share of net revenues generated from podcast downloads, audio streaming via the internet and even subsequent CD sales.


The B7 Productions and Equity agreement specifically relates to the production of the forthcoming audio version of 70’s cult sci-fi show Blake’s 7. The said agreement according to Andy Prodger, assistant general secretary of Equity is a very important first step in establishing the rights of members in this developing market. Hence, the stipulations and terms of the deal may be used as template for their future agreements on podcast productions.