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Natural Balance Pet Food

natural dog food

Natural pet foods have become the hot topic since the recall of quite a few brands of the commercially manufactured ones. Pet owners are looking for alternatives now that they have become aware of the things that they have been feeding their precious fur balls and just how much harm these things can cause. Natural food like Natural Balance pet food is one type of natural dog food that is becoming increasingly popular.

When a dog food claims to be natural, there should be certain things that are not included in the ingredients list. First and foremost there should be no strange chemicals. The ingredients list is the tell-all. When you look at the ingredients list of one of the major brands of commercially manufactured dog foods, you will often see things like corn gluten, various meats, preservatives like BHA and crude animal fat. Do you think these things are really beneficial to your dog’s health? They are not. Natural Balance pet food does not have any of these items.

A natural pet food, like the Natural Balance brand, should only contain ingredients made by nature. Chemical preservatives and pesticides are not made from nature; they are man-made. Additionally, commercially made dog foods may claim to be made from real meat, but what they don’t tell you is that those “real” meats are actually the discarded pieces that cannot be used for any other purpose. Really…if it is not fit for people to eat, why would you feed it to your dog? If you knew then what you know now, you would not.

The Natural Balance pet food production started in 1989 by the actor Dick Van Patten together with the drummer of John Davidson’s show, where van Patten was a guest that year. This drummer was involved in caring for rescued animals at the time. They both decided to develop the best healthy pet food for dogs and cats on the market as well as one suitable for larger animals in zoos and animal reserves.

Natural Balance pet food does not contain odd meat parts, animal fats, corn (which can be fatal to a dog over time) or wheat. There are no artificial preservatives or “added” vitamins. When a commercial dog food claims that it contains all the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs, again you are not getting the whole truth. Sure, they may be there, but they were added during the manufacturing process, because they were not present from the start. Essential vitamins and minerals in Natural Balance dog food is present from the ingredients; it is not added into the mix during manufacturing.

Natural Balance pet food is an all-natural and healthy alternative to the most likely harmful commercial dog foods that so many people are deluded into thinking are beneficial for their dogs. (However, if they were truly healthy, they would not contain the same ingredients that are used in harsh products that you would use around your home.) Natural Balance dog food helps ensure that your furry friend lives healthy as well as happy, and the longest that he or she can.


Nutro Natural Choice Pet Food

It is certainly advisable to be well-informed about potential problems connected to feeding Nutro Natural Choice pet food. Cat owners detected that their pets began to grow matted furs, developed obesity and also experienced difficulties in walking normally.

Continuing using pet food from the Nutro Natural Choice range could possibly trigger a serious health risk for your furry friend. There is a likely chance of developing diabetes, resulting in the need for feeding later a special pet food or even requiring insulin injections.

Pet owners have to think carefully if they still want to give their pet a Nutro Natural Choice pet food product or if it were much better making the switch to another brand. This could definitely prevent from further health issues many animal owners have been reporting, such as losing fur, stomach upset or diarrhea.

There are also reports indicating that even the Nutro Lamb variety has been found to cause serious health conditions, like suffering from frequent periods of diarrhea, showing a tendency to throw up food, becoming lethargic, developing various skin issues as well as pets urinating in their sleep to the point of premature deaths of some pet dogs.

Considering the various other pet food choices available would not just be an improvement for your pet’s overall health, but could also mean fewer visits to your local veterinarian as well as no need for buying expensive medication for your dog or cat. This could result in saving quite a bit of money for yourself.

It is actually no surprise that there have been many Nutro Natural Choice pet food recalls, since back in 2007, and which have continued until this day. Just these recalls should be reason enough to at least motivate caring pet owners considering to use, for instance, a natural pet food recipe to create nutritious, healthy and safe meals for their furry companions, guaranteeing their dog or cats a joyful and carefree long life.

And lastly, you won’t have to to be concerned about vet bills, health issues and other dangers linked to feeding contaminated or unsafe food like for example Nutro Natural Choice pet food.


A Lot Of Benefits For You

Being a pet owner, you might have been alerted by recent reports and surveys in the media about pet food recalls. Warnings could be heard about potential health risks associated with cheaply manufactured commercial pet food, available in any supermarket. As a concerned pet owner, you would of course consider an alternative way to feed your cat or dog. So, why not create nutritious meals for your furry friend at home using a good natural pet food recipe?

It is actually considerably less complicated or time consuming as you may fear designing dishes without artificial ingredients and which contain natural organic ingredients that will ensure that your pet enjoys his or her meal and stays healthy as well. However, that is actually not the whole story. There are quite a few additional benefits for your companion simply by using a recipe for creating natural delicious pet food, such as not developing any skin or digestive issues as well as there are probably less visits to your local veterinarian involved. And you are solely in control of the quality of meat and vegetables you are adding to your pet’s food.

On the other hand, you might still prefer to choose some of the more popular commercially produced foods, just because it is more convenient to use after a long day at work. But if you would check carefully the list of ingredients of, for example some of the canned food varieties, you might be surprised by the actual ingredients contained, which, on the long run, could endanger the overall well being of your pet.

It is a well-known fact that animal lovers are exposed to heavy advertising campaigns by commercial pet food manufacturers, claiming that their particular product is superior. However, these statements should be taken with caution. Also, keep in mind that preparing a home cooked meal is not more expensive than buying pricey commercial pet food.

Your local vet will probably suggest that you might consider trying out a natural pet food recipe to cook healthy and appetizing meals for your four-legged friend. At least, this way you have a guarantee that there are no artificial colorings, flavors or preservatives contained as well as you are in total control of buying the best natural organic meat and vegetables you believe are optimal for your pet. Your dog or cat will unquestionably love you for feeding him or her healthy and delicious natural pet food using your own recipe.