Tuesday, March 21

My Zaful Wishlist: Pregnant Edition


You may remember a little while back I did a SheIn Wishlist. It was a really fun post to write, finding pieces I lusted for from their website. So when Zaful got in touch asking if I would like to create a wishlist for their website, I jumped at the chance! At the moment, I’m shopping differently to how I normally shop – mainly because of the big bump I am growing! I’ve still got 2 months to go before little one arrives so need to make sure that clothes I get are suitable for my changing body. I’m also trying to make sure anything I buy now I can wear post-baby too without them looking silly! So I have bared this in mind when creating my wishlist. Right then, now let’s get on to my Zaful wishlist – pregnant edition!



Tied Button Up Mini Dress – Wine Red




My Zaful Wishlist – Pregnant Edition mini dress


What drew me to this dress was the gorgeous shade and fit. I’m obsessed with off the shoulder tops and dresses and would like to think it would suit me. I would probably need to go a few sizes up to make sure it fitted over my bump, and would more than likely wear it as a long top rahter than a dress. I’m sure it would look fab with a pair of jeans as the weather starts to get warmer.



Circle Tassel Hoop Earrings – Yellow




My Zaful Wishlist – Pregnant Edition tassel earrings


Yellow is my absolute fave colour and I’ve loved tassels for as long as I can remember. However, I’ve not purchased any tassel earrings since they came into fashion, so these would have to be my first pair. I think they would be fab this Spring/Summer, teamed up with a pretty top or dress. Plus, check out that bargain of a price!



Striped Floral Embroidery Sweatshirt – Black Stripe




My Zaful Wishlist – Pregnant Edition stripey floral sweatshirt


I love stripes and I love florals, so this jumper had to make my wishlist. It looks super comfy and would be perfect for throwing over a tee when the lovely British weather has no idea what it is doing. Again, I think it would work well with a growing baby bump, especially if I sized up a little. I can’t believe what a great price it is either with it currently being on sale.



Pompom Embossing Crossbody Bag – Brown




My Zaful Wishlist – Pregnant Edition pompom bag


How super cute is this bag?! I love the colour, the size, the detailing and of course the pompom! I tend to use quite big bags during the day, but think this would be perfect when you’re going out and don’t need to pack the kitchen sink like I normally do! It looks versatile and would go with lots of different outfits.



Overlay Off The Shoulder Tunic Top – White




My Zaful Wishlist – Pregnant Edition off the shoulder tunic


Again with an off the shoulder number, oops! I like the general simplicity of this top, but with the prettiness of the floral detailing at the top. I also think it would look pretty cute with a growing baby bump as it looks like quite a free-flowing fit. Plus, I think it would look pretty with those yellow tassel earrings for a pop of colour.



Cami Floral Ruffles Mini Dress – Bright Yellow




My Zaful Wishlist – Pregnant Edition floral mini dress


I just love this dress! The colour, the design, and the general prettiness of it! I would like to think it would look great with a bump, worn as a top instead of a mini dress. Plus, it would still look good post bump, and would be a great addition to my summer wardrobe.



Metallic Mirror Wayfarer Sunglasses – Black




My Zaful Wishlist – Pregnant Edition wayfarer sunglasses


You can never have enough sunnies can you?! I like the wayfarer design, although have no idea if they suit me! The colour combo of these also drew me to these sunglasses, I think they look really stylish. There are also other colour combinations in this style which look great too.



10Pcs Multifunctional Makeup Powder Blenders With Box




My Zaful Wishlist – Pregnant Edition makeup sponges


I spotted these blenders and thought they’d be a great addition to my make-up bag. 10 sponges for less than a fiver is definitely a winner in my eyes! Super handy for make-up application, and in a couple of different shapes. It would be interesting to see how well they work and if they would give some of the other sponges I have a run for their money.



Curled Sleeve Batwing Open Front Cardigan – Light Coffee




My Zaful Wishlist – Pregnant Edition batwing cardigan


How comfy does this cardigan look?! Yes, I know we are meant to be in Spring, but this cold British weather means I keep opting to throw a cardi on like this little beaut. I love the colour and the style of this one, with it being slouchy and having turned up sleeves. Plus, it wouldn’t matter if I have a bump or not as there is no fastening. I can imagine it looking at home in my wardrobe and being something I bring out year after year.

Rhinestone Moon Leaf Pendant Layered Necklace – Golden




My Zaful Wishlist – Pregnant Edition layered necklace


I love layered necklaces and have totally fallen for this one. The design is lovely and think it would go with so many different outfits. Plus, what a great price too!




So this would have to be some of the items I would love to get my hands on from Zaful, whilst pregnant. Of course there are some items I’m lusting after that aren’t impacted by my growing bump that I wanted to throw in too. I think I might just have to grab myself some of these items ASAP! If I do, I’ll be sure to let you know and share them with you.


So which is your fave item? What would be on your wishlist from Zaful? Let me know in the comments!