Tuesday, March 21

Lightweight Gold Jewellery Is In Vogue: Know The Trends

New trends may come and go but gold jewellery will remain there no matter what. It has been a part of Indian history for the longest time and thanks to its versatility, gold is still one of the most favourite metals we all love. The market is filled with hundreds of designs and patterns of gold jewellery that can dazzle any attire and occasion.

Talking about trends, the new buzz in the market is of the lightweight gold jewellery. Gone are the days when heavy necklaces and earrings would adorn your ensemble. Now, people are giving comfort its long overdue. That’s is why you can find a range of lightweight jewellery not just in gold but also diamond, platinum, and so on. If you love gold and want to stay up-to-dated with the trend, we have the perfect catalogue for you. But before that, here are some reasons why lightweight gold jewellery is in vogue:

  • Lightweight and hence can be worn for long hours
  • Affordable as their price drops when you buy less gold
  • Trendy and Stylish as they are often paired with gemstones, enamels, and so on

Below are the trends you should be following when it comes to lightweight gold jewellery: 

  • Earrings

If there is any jewellery piece that may be considered a woman’s best friend, we are sure it is none other than earrings. Be it studs or hoops and danglers or droppers, each and every type of gold earring is a treasure to have. Now, with lightweight gold jewellery out there, you can pick big hoops and danglers and wear them without any problem. You can also try huggies if you are a professional woman and wish to keep it simple yet classy. As they are lighter, these earrings will also be quite affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Pop over to this site to explore different designs! 

  • Layered Chains

Layered chains are stylish, trendy, and lightweight too. While you can always buy a single gold chain, the look that layered chains get is something you must try at least once. You can also customized layered chain necklace by adding pendants as per your needs. From coins to evil eye, people are adding various trinkets to their layered necklace to make it more modern and voguish. You also play a bit and add diamond pendant to make the whole look more graceful. 

  • Bangles

Usually, women would keep their gold bangles saved for special occasions not just to protect it but also because they can be too heavy and uncomfortable. Not anymore. Now you can buy stylish bangles that are trendy and lightweight. These can also be worn as bracelet for everyday and office wear. To make it more elegant, pair it with rings and a statement watch and you will be good to go.

  • Gold Necklaces

Another jewellery piece that needed the lightweight advantage for a long time is a gold necklace. The charm and elegance that guzzles from gold necklace can charm anyone. But the heaviness that also accompanies it would always ruin the mood. However, with lightweight jewellery in trend, you also buy lightweight necklaces. There is a whole range of options available ranging from necklets to chokers.Click over here to see them all.

Final Words

Precious jewellery were always associated with heavy jewellery. But now, as the fashion world is moving fast, people are loving the lightweight accessories. If you too wish to be a part of this trend but still wish to enjoy the class of gold, the above-listed lightweight jewellery pieces are what you should have. Enjoy shopping!