Tuesday, September 27

Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle design is a decision related to your main goal. Your perfect life will not happen overnight, but you can take a step towards your own life every day.

No matter what decision you make, you can bring yourself close to your ideal life. The biggest part of lifestyle design is your business. When I decided to learn how to make money online, I took a step in the right direction and this step will change my life forever.

When you take your income in your own hands, the world opens up. Once you have determined your work style, work style and working hours, you will spend more time making your work happier.

Time is precious, but making the most of it will not solve this sensible solution – you need to adjust your schedule so that you only work when you are more efficient, and work when you are more entertaining.

My friend, this is a lifestyle design. The goal of lifestyle design is to find a balance between goals and time in order to recover from work. Life is about the tension between wasting energy and recovering.

I think, the Internet, the emergence of mobile devices and social media enable us to reach more control over their time, and therefore, according to Tim (Tim Ferris) in four hours required in the first time, we can follow their own The condition is longer.

Your life is the union of your habits. Your self-knowledge forms your habit. As you practice self-awareness and self-knowledge, you will realize which habit has the greatest impact on designing an ideal lifestyle.

Benefits of Lifestyle Design

The greatest benefit of lifestyle design is to free you from the traditional expectations of the meaning of work.

1). Action should be meaningful, don’t be sad

I think most people think that work must be “painful “so that it can be interpreted as “work “. I think this is crazy. I am not saying that business will not be difficult, but it will be more satisfying and beneficial.

I like to work. As an entrepreneur rather than an employee, I can do more work because I agree with my motivation. I love my job

2) appreciate the results, not “time out “

When I work in the office, I never like to decide how to ” saw ” the work in the office. I would like to determine the quality of life and my work productivity.

Now you can decide my job (I know you don’t care how long it took me to write this article!)

3 ) Self-reliance

Someone asked me recently: ” Stephen, do you want to live in a zoo or in the woods? “

Basically, she is asking me whether I want to bring food or I want to find food by myself. Do I want a fixed salary or a stable source of income?

I definitely want to live in the woods. I like to choose how much money I can get. The lifestyle design made me more self-reliant and gave me the opportunity to share these skills with people like you.

How can I make my own lifestyle?

The world is filled with someone you want something, or you want them to agree with you, and happy and fulfilling life means knowing when to (ask them to reject absolutely). For the one you love, the greatest wealth is to make yourself the greatest wealth.

Consider what makes you happy. Consider the characters and idols who guide you to think of your lifestyle. Find some souls, then decide who you are and who you want to be. Then take all these ideas and start working the way you want.

1. Be patient. It takes time to change your lifestyle. For the five-year self-introduction, please make a complete transfer.

2. Find a guide. Find someone who lives your own way and ask them questions. This person can be local or online. This podcast aims to impress a good place (they are my friends. Very friendly people).

3. Don’t worry too much about going there and making new friends. When you change your mind, they will meet you and your old friends will disappear. I will not tell your current friends what you want to do. As you can see, it becomes poisonous and weird, so please save yourself some heartache.

Looking back, when I still had a steady income, I could have invested in the prestigious MLM business (multi-level marketing). The good thing about MLM is that for beginners like us, it is a good way to learn how to run a business without building a business model.