Thursday, June 8

Happy New Year life like product

It was a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We spent Christmas Eve at my house with our three kids. This is Aerial opening her candle etc gift. We were so blessed this year with our gift giving to the kids. They also gave mom and dad lots of gifts since they have all been working full time.

We went to my Father In laws yesterday for breakfast/brunch. My husband and I brought Bloody Mary fixins. We had beef sticks, celery, salami, huge olives, cheese cubes and limes to add to the drinks. We totally had a great morning and opened gifts. My daughter was our sober cab LOL, we got home around 4:30pm. The kids all went out with friends, dad went into my office to watch TV and eventually fall asleep. I relaxed with a glass of wine and a fire..

I sent this picture to my Father In law and thanked them for a great day. I got to read and unwind. It was an awesome day. Getting ready to get my hubby up, I let him sleep in this morning. We are going to head out for an early lunch today and some shopping.


International Delight Iced Coffee Samplings

Happy Holidays to all my newest readers and friends. Can you believe it is almost the end of the year? I was so lucky to get to work with Collective Bias this year. This campaign I get to taste test International Delight Iced Coffee.  Are you kiddin me?  This stuff I had to leave notes on each carton saying you can taste test, leave me your opinion BUT DO NOT DRINK ALL.  My kids would drink it all and leave me in the dust.

You see they are 27, 23 and 21.  They all drink coffee, they all drink Iced Coffee too. They do not technically all live here but are always here.  The remarks were, ‘mom where did you buy this, get some more’ ‘flippin good’ ‘Love me some mocha’ ‘get some more’ ‘This stuff is thick and good’  Aerial likes the Mocha the best, she said it is not to chocolaty and did not hurt her stomach.  Sometimes to rich of drinks give her a tummy ache.  Me too for that matter.

I love Iced Coffee in the afternoon usually after I get up from my nap. Yup, I am one of the lucky ones that get to take a nap everyday. I even have the two dogs and cat trained to take their naps. When I get up I like a shot of java but not coffee that I drink in the am, it does nothing for me but give me a headache. This Iced Coffee is perfect. The packaging is something that would defiantly catch my eyes in the grocery store. Packaging is important for me when I am trying something new. It has a secure little white pull off thingy too that I like.

Look at that, it is the perfect thickness, it tastes great poured over ice. I have to say my favorite is the original. My sons liked the Vanilla and Aerial the Mocha. The Original has the great taste of coffee with nothing added. I first tried Iced Coffee in Florida on Spring Break. I could not imagine drinking hot coffee as I walked down to the coffee shop, I was amazed at how delicious it was.

Here is my routine everyday. I get up from my nap and take my bath and read a book for about twenty minutes. I have to grab something to sip on and reawaken my senses. It is now going to be Iced Coffee for sure. It gives me just the right pick me up. My daughter is like me, she does not drink coffee in the afternoon but usually grabs an iced coffee from the cooler section.

My husband tried the Vanilla and loved it too. He cannot wait for me to start buying them, he said it would be good to use in a recipe in place of a milk product. IDK about that but it is worth a shot. This in comparison to other iced coffees is winning hands down for me. This is a large amount that can be shared with all family members versus usually just a small little bottle. The taste of each flavor had not one negative remark in my family. My kids would have no problem telling me either. My son who just graduated with his Marketing Degree loves the packaging and is looking forward to seeing how they market this product in the future.

The truly fun part of this campaign is gifting back to another member of the Collective Bias community. They get product samples sent to them, happy holidays to us!! I will update this post with the name of the member but I do not remember if I am suppose to say something now. Must be the chaotic holiday season or the blondness is speaking for me.

Here I am enjoying my Iced coffee while working at the computer..

You can find the coffees at your local Walmart January 15th in the dairy section.

My daughter absolutely loves the Mocha, she is already asking me to make sure I pick some up when they are available for her to stock up on in her fridge. She is so funny she is going to go pick up some frozen yogurt and make a malt.

Your Degree Online life like product

My son just graduated from College with his BA in Marketing and International Business. I am so proud of him I cannot even explain how happy we are for him. He is so fortunate right now to have a couple really decent job offers for him making some good cash. Doing what he wants to do, he is so excited.  He left yesterday in his suit and tie and awesome black dress shoes, all of which he purchased himself. He also worked full time his last year in college.

 He lived in Mankato where he went to school which is about 2 1/2 hours from where we live. He would drive to the ‘cities’ every Friday morning around 3:00am and work a shift from 5:30am-5:30pm his brother also is working this shift. They work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They work 36 hours and our paid for 40. It is a labor job as well. Then Justin was driving back to Mankato Sunday.

He learned a great deal from this position and is really excited to get a job where he is talking to people etc. He is already discussing getting his MBA and his next schooling options. I said what about taking classes online at your own pace?  How about you get your MBA through an  online degree curriculum.  I was thinking I have seen so many different online colleges in the last ten years to help working people continue their education.  When I was working our group had two people in it going to college online and working toward their MBA’s, this may work for him.

2012 is looking like it is going to be a pretty great year for my kids and their education.  They have so many opportunities online and off to explore.