Friday, December 2

Learn About The Boxer Dog

We have always heard the adage: dogs are man’s best friend. It is something that sounds like a cliche already, but it is the truth. All domesticated animals have been acclimatized to live with other people for a long time, as you can see here. However, dogs are different as they stay with the humans most of the time and interact with them. Other animals are either in a barn or grazing in the open fields, with some of them waiting for harvest or slaughter.

When it comes to choosing a dog for your home, though, there are several things that you need to think about before doing it. You need to understand that it is not as simple as you think; these animals still have needs that you need to fulfill. Some people think that it is easier than taking care of a child because, at some point, it is the case. However, there are areas wherein it is comparably difficult, even with the short amount of time you have together.


The Breed For You

It is also crucial to consider what kind of dog you are going to get. There are some questions that you need to answer first with yourself to make it easier. As we have said, it is a responsibility that you do not want to take lightly. When it comes to another living being, you need to work it out together, or else everything fails, and someone might get hurt. It is especially true when people talk about the breed that they are going to get for their dog.

We have chosen to shine the spotlight on boxer dogs today. It is from Germany, where it was developed by breeding an English bulldog with a local breed. The result looks like a bulldog but with a bigger and taller body. They were often used as an assistant to hunters since they are quite adept at working on terrain. Their jaws are also great in gripping prey, and they can take a fight if necessary.

For this reason, they have become one of the most popular breeds in the west. They have been a great addition to many families and have ignited the idea that working dogs can also stay at home. However, there are key considerations that you need to discuss before getting this one. One doggy is different from another, so it is important to know more about it before getting a pet. You would not want to dive into anything without information, so try to do some research first regarding this breed.

As for boxers, they are often great with families who have kids. They look goofy, and they act goofy, too, so most people enjoy their antics. You may have seen videos online that say these dogs have the lowest IQ among breeds. There is no truth in this statement, as it is impossible to measure dog IQ. However, there are other concerns you may want to think about before getting a boxer for your family.


Key Tips

1. Get A Bib For Their Drool

It is a well-known fact that dogs drool, but certain breeds look like they have sticky waterfalls from their mouths. It is usually the medium to larger breeds who have this issue, and it is not something that you can easily fix. If you are going to go with your boxer dog somewhere, always have a towel or get them a bib. They need to get used to it, though, so make sure that it is comfortable.


2. Walk With Them As Much As Possible

All dogs need exercise, and boxers are no exception to this. For this reason, it is great to have a yard for them to run around and play. It is also therapeutic for adults and a fun time for the kids. For the dogs, it strengthens their skeletal and muscular system as well as creating a chance for them to control their weight. Take a look at it on this page:


3. Let Them Interact With Others While Still Young

Boxers are friendly most of the time, but only to those that they have grown familiar with, like their families. If they were never trained while they were puppies, they can turn rather territorial and would possibly attack others unfamiliar to them. Letting them interact with strangers frequently would help them acclimatize with foreign situations. It would also help them feel more comfortable with others and working with the differences.


4. Try To Control Their Tendency To Attack, Even When Not Provoked

There are also cases wherein we cannot control their impulses and would bite someone or something. It is true for most dogs, but boxers tend to be rather scared of the unfamiliar unless they were trained for it. For these situations, try to read your pet’s body language and predict when they would get scared, upset, or angry. It would also assist you in learning their common responses. Once you think that they would attack, rein them back or avoid the situation altogether.


5. Keep Their Diet In Check

Lastly, it is important to check on their weight from time to time. Most boxer dogs tend to put on the pounds if they are not active enough. It goes back to their need to exercise more often, as it would help them lose the excess weight. It is also a great exercise for the one who will walk the dog and would train you on how to control them in public. It will take time to train and develop their behavior, but it will be a worthwhile experience.