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Laboucher strategy in sports betting: the essence of the system and the method of gaming bank management

The Laboucher system has a changeable numerical series. But don’t worry, even a humanitarian will understand the strategy.

Laboucher system can become the perfect mechanism to protect your bank. The classic strategy doesn’t care about losses, but the reversible one takes into account setbacks as well. In this article, we’ll break down the Laboucher strategy in sports betting and look at a method for managing your playing bank.

How the Laboucher system came to be

The author of the Laboucher strategy in betting is an English politician and writer with French roots, Henry Laboucher.


As a student, this writer and politician bet on horse races and played casinos. Over time, Laboucher concluded that it was possible to increase the efficiency of betting through a certain strategy.


As a result, Henry came up with a mathematical system that could be used at the casino gaming table and in sports betting.


The classic Laboucher system.

To play with this strategy, determine your desired net profit. Then divide that amount by a series of numbers. There is no clear rule on how exactly to perform the division. The main thing – all of the numbers in the series in the sum should give the desired profit.


For example, you plan to be in the black by 100 rubles. Divide the number into five equal parts of 20 rubles.


Take two numbers from the series – the first and last. Bet on the sum of these two numbers with odds from 2.00.


In case of loss, add the sum of the first and last number at the end of the row. You will get 20, 20, 20, 20, 20, 40.

Laboucher strategy in sports betting

If you win, cross out the first and last number in the row. You will be left with 20, 20, 20.


Your task when betting on this system is to cross out the entire row of numbers. In the case of a run, remove two numbers from the row, and if unsuccessful, add one. But each time you lose, the size of the next bet increases.

Reversible Laboucher System

If you lose, take out the first and last number in the row, and if you win, add the bet amount to the end of the row. In the classic system, you determine your desired profit, and in the reversible system, you determine the amount you can afford to lose. You also choose the maximum bet size.


There are two scenarios when playing this strategy:


The cycle continues until all the numbers are crossed out. This means that you have gone into deficit up to a set limit.

With a series of wins, you stop if the amount of the next potential bet exceeds the selected limit.


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