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Is CEH harder than Security+?

The cybersecurity industry is the top hottest field in IT, with a growth rate expected to reach 28 percent from 2016 to 2026. Nobody lacks such popularity to convince aspiring security professionals that their credentials are the most excellent way to accelerate their path towards the next stage in their security careers.

Though there are numerous options for security certifications, you don’t have to choose the appropriate one for yourself. Many people are only certified to learn that though credentials fit under a broad cyber-security framework, they belong to separate discourse groups. Here’s what each exam and certification you need to know.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is the procedure to test your computers, network, and devices to identify any vulnerabilities and design preventative, corrective, and protective countermeasures before the system is compromised.

How to be an ethical hacker – is this question daunting to you? Making an IT security career involves experience as well as certification. However, organizations are becoming increasingly aware that they require top professionals and utilize security certifications to filter candidates when engaging.

Ethical hackers should have a firm grasp of information security, use their ability to find vulnerabilities, and plan safety actions to secure the firm’s assets. You can study ethical hacking through numerous online courses and websites. However, it is necessary to guarantee that both the public and the government sectors are entirely lawful and accept the source of the online ethical hacking course. Certification courses allow you to learn ethical hacking and to obtain a certification to prove your skills.

Naturally, everyone needs to start somewhere, and you can jump yourself into IT security. But after you have entered the information security path, many certification options are available. Certain things are pretty easy. Unfortunately, some of these are extremely hard.

The complexity of the examination is sliding. All this depends on how much you know, studied, and gained practical experience. Net+ could be tricky if you’re new to IT.

What is the Certified Ethical Hacker certification?

In contrast to Security+ certification, the CEH is an expert credential. Moreover, CEH belongs to the Official EC-Council Program. This program aims to increase the technical expertise of cybersecurity professionals to detect and mitigate different cyber anomalies in the network infrastructures of organizations.

A CEH official is primarily enrolled in ethical hacking and penetration testing systems; they employ information gained over the years on cyber systems to find vulnerabilities and potential nodes of data security breaches. They also help mitigate such dangers by using enhanced security technologies that identify and halt cyber attacks from infiltrating primary network systems.

Instead of using this expertise for unlawful purposes, these specialists are involved in ethical hacking to give hackers difficulty manipulating different safety measures. Therefore, for applicants participating in the CEH exam, a CEH course is not suggested. However, if you had the preparation prior, it will do you some tremendous good.

You can use two alternative techniques for the CEH certification; individuals who have taken the CEH training can take the tests without any obstruction.

CompTIA Security+ Vs. CEH examination: Factor comparison

  1. Cost: Looking at the prices and assuming that CEH is an advanced certification level, the Security+ can therefore be maintained at a prohibitive cost related to CEH. If you don’t have much to spend on the first try, you should go with Security+, but if you want that advanced-level professional certificate, then CEH should be your choice.
  2. Test difficulty: CEH certification is pricey and very difficult to achieve analytical testing and practical assessment of the applicant in ethical hacking and penetration testing. On the other hand, security+ is relatively simple because it covers the basics and the knowledge of cybersecurity, threat detection, and mitigations at the beginning level.
  3. Job hunting: The Security+ certification takes the lead in job seeking or employability. It is a basic/entry-level certification relating to the candidate’s skills and professional talents among many cybersecurity sectors. It has more occupations than the CEH certification, covering both advanced tales of ethical hacking and penetration tests and specially tailored narratives.

Which is worthy of choosing?

No argument to make here. Compared to Security+, the CEH certification is indeed admired. The primary reason for this is that it represents the professionals’ advanced and political expertise as ethical hacking and penetration experts. Of course, instead of Security+ certification, you can get a few paying jobs by finishing your CEH examinations. But if you are a cybersecurity professional in the early days of your career, then Security+ should be your ultimate choice.

Is CEH harder than Security+?

It would help if you only progressed towards gaining a CEH certification once you have finished your Security+ training/certification. The cyber market is expandable; for beginners and professionals alike, there are many chances. You need to be consistent and continue getting a greater practical understanding of cyber safety systems to have a decent job in the long term.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a prominent entry-level penetration testing certification. A Certified Ethical Hacker has an average salary of 71,331 dollars. The CEH helps to get your resume viewed and allows you to find your first job as a penetration tester.

We suggest that you analyze your options and commit time to decide whether the exam is worth your time and money. At the same time, the CEH is a popular credential that looks nice on your resume. Similar certifications to the CEH, such as the OSCP, eLearnSecurity PTS, and Pentest+, may be better for a particular case.

Bottom line

The CompTIA Security+ exam is a new IT security certificate that enhances their knowledge of the concepts of cybersecurity and networking protocols. In contrast, if you are already certified and are interested in a profession that is more in line with penetration tests or response to incidents, CEH is better for you.

The time you spend reviewing the content of each certification allows you to see whether you are sufficiently familiar with the material and whether you truly enjoy working with the necessary tools, issues, and knowledge for each certification.