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Intel power gadget

There are computer tools, therefore, they must be the customer service users. Some people use it to browse the Internet and reply to e-mails, others use their devices to program programs, and some are still editing videos.

Intel Power Gadget is a software-based power consumption monitoring tool, suitable for second-generation Intel Core processors or higher. It is supported on Windows and OS X and includes applications, drivers, and libraries. The processor power meter can be used to monitor and evaluate the power information of the processor package in real time in WhatsApp.

With this release, we provide the ability to test energy information on many platforms (including laptops, desktops and servers).

No matter what you do, the processor is the most important part of the computer, so it might be a good idea to monitor its behavior. In this article, we provide you with a tool called Intel ( R ) Power Gadget, which can reveal all the secrets of the processor.

If you are like me and want to know the behavior of your computer, you will like this tool. It is a simple application developed by Intel, with a reasonable design, and the collected information is easy to read.

Intel Power Gadget can accurately display the performance of the CPU: how much battery is used at a given time or temperature, and how many times it is used.

What does Intel Power gadget do?

In short, the Intel Power Power gadget is a software-based device that can monitor the power usage of the second-generation Intel Core processor and the seventh-generation Intel Core 2 processor ( Intel Atom does not support processors).

This power usage monitoring software is suitable for Windows and MacOS X supports two operating systems. It also includes applications, drivers and libraries for returning real-time processor package information in watts through the processor power meter.

This new version provides functions for classifying electrical information on many platforms, including laptops, desktops and even servers.

Intel said that ” for Windows in Intel 7 Power Gadget stopped from version 7 and 32 -bit versions 3.0.0 to develop. In version 3.5 after, will only support 64- bit and Windows 8.

The main purpose of the program is to end- users, ISV (free software vendor) and OEM (original equipment manufacturers), they estimate accurately the surface of the power of software will not make any mistakes and interest.

Intel ®Power Gadget Version 3.5 contains components, drivers, and libraries, components, libraries, and drivers can access the processor power meter, which is then operated to use the correct power (W tex), temperature (degrees C) and GHz. You can return the frequency.

How to Install Intel Power Gadget

The requirements for using this tool in MacOS are as follows. Intel Power Gadget requirements

Miko X 10.6 or higher

The second-generation Intel ® Core ™ or later

The first 1 step

Solitic will now explain how to install and use this utility on MacOS Mojawi and download it from the link below.

Intel Power Gadget

The first 2 steps

Once we go to the link mentioned there, click on the MacOS line:

Third step

Click on the package, we will see the following .

The first 4 steps

Double-click the installer and the following wizard will be displayed.

The fifth step

Click ” Continue ” and we will get the license agreement:

The 6 step

Click the ” Continue ” button and the following window will appear to confirm the agreement:

The 7 step

In the next window, we can choose another way to install the Intel Power widget, or keep it, select it and click “Install “.

The 8 step

We need to enter the administrator password to continue:

The 9 step

When you click Install Software, the following security message will be displayed:

The 10 step

This is because the developer has not yet passed Apple’s verification, so its installation has been blocked to protect the system. Will be redirected.

The 11 step

Here, we must edit by clicking the lock icon below, and we must re-enter the administrator password, and now we see that these options are enabled. :

The 12 step

We click the “Allow “button, and then we will continue to install Intel Power Gadget easily in Max Mojawi.

The 13 step

After the process is over, we will see the following. Here, we press the “Close ” button to exit the application wizard.