Monday, January 24

Food Recommendations to Enhance Appetite and Gain Weight for Women

Have you ever feel insecure with your own body? Most people say yes to this very question.There are so many people, especially women, who are insecure with their body shape. Some of them are overweight, while the others are underweight. You may think that women with underweight body mass will not be insecure about it. No, it is not. They are insecure because they look skinny, seem to lack enthusiasm, are sick, and others. Each of them has a different reason why they are underweight. Some of them may have it genetically, while others simply do not have a good appetite. If you are included as one of them, read the following article about weight gainers for women, especially food.

Try bitter food

Apparently, bitter foods such as bitter melon can be an appetite enhancer that leads to weight gainers for women. Researchers in several studies showed that activating bitter taste receptors can stimulate ghrelin secretion. Ghrelin is a hormone that is responsible for producing hunger. Do not stop there, and bitter food can increase blood circulation in the stomach organs. This can increase the activity of the nerves that control taste, no wonder these foods can stimulate your appetites, such as broccoli, bitter melon, papaya leaf, eggplant, and cabbage.

Food Recommendations to Enhance Appetite and Gain Weight for Women

Low fiber food can be your option

For people who want to lose weight, a high-fiber diet is one way to achieve this. The reason is, fiber provides a longer feeling of fullness. Fiber is recommended in a balanced diet. However, fiber consumption needs to be limited when you want to increase your appetite. Eating low-fiber foods at least helps prevent you from feeling too full. This may make you eat more during the day. That is why this is considered as one of the weight gainers for women as you can feel more hungry at certain times. Some foods low in fiber but rich in other nutrients are red meat, fish, or chicken, egg, dairy products, such as milk, ice cream, cheese, lettuce, and many more.

In fact, the basic food that can enhance your appetite as weight gainers for women is your favorite food. Of course, the consumption of your favorite food makes you more hungry to eat it than the type of food that is considered normal. In addition, choosing the food to be eaten makes a person eat more and more often than someone else chooses. However, it does not mean that you can always consume your favorite food every single day. To have a balanced food intake, you need to be aware of your nutrition intake, protein, and many more. You can still consume your favorite food once a week or on a certain day.Some people say that gain weight is more difficult than losing weight. You always have to remember that even if you try to gain more weight, keep exercising regularly as this can enhance your appetite an hour after the exercise.