Tuesday, September 27

Environmental Design

Community Safety has become any buyers, the current residents and Freddie Mac, the main focus of production developers, because if communities rising crime rates, housing prices may be affected.

Many people believe that a smile and a protective presence in the community are sufficient to reduce the risk of injury, but no matter who has the courage and care, crime can exist in any community. Solitude and protection are the ” transitions ” of tomorrow’s safety and security.

Real estate production use geographic analysis to identify major US cities, thousands of abandoned public spaces and redistribution of this empty landscape as a new urban system.

Through modular design, the landscape plan of each site is tailored to local conditions, thereby improving thermal and hydrological performance, thereby improving the environment of the entire city and reducing the burden on existing infrastructure..

The significant impact of local regulations on energy use and stormwater treatment eliminates the need for more expensive but hidden sewers and power upgrades.

Why is environmental design important?

For years, marketers have been writing articles about the importance of brands. Brand promotion, brand management, and renaming of each brand. We strategically use various media to spread or convey our brand message, and environmental graphics are no exception.

Graphic design is no stranger to environmental space -the retail market is taking advantage of this powerful tool from its first commercial space. Architects facing room environment or graphic designer and branding trends within the business community is to maintain the trend is not limited to be added to the wall color or add a logo.

Environmental graphics help make the company stand out. Difficult in the company’s mission statement DNA to communicate, but with the expansion of the wall, the price of the company’s value can be enhanced. When facing a large number of employees, highlighting your values ​​is a good way to increase their use in daily work, increase organizational awareness and build credibility and trust within the organization.

Environmental graphics can help employees feel connected, appreciated and connected. Find the right balance between privacy and openness is to create a raw production environment critical.

Environmental graphics can promote creativity. Many companies use signs, guides, diagrams, maps, signs, and traditional architectural practices to describe buildings, grounds, offices, and public places. However, incorporating inspiring topics into non-traditional approaches to solutions can allow people to connect with their niches in creative and interesting ways.

Environmental graphics can be used as a powerful sales tool, so that the potential customer households exchange or exchange of ideas easier to sell to them in space. A positive view of location helps to build a deep connection between people and place, as well as the relationship between brand and success.

The solar energy

Solar energy is energy produced by the sun in the form of electrical or thermal energy. Solar energy is captured in many ways, the most popular of which is the use of photovoltaic solar panels to convert sunlight into usable electricity. Without storage devices such as batteries, solar energy cannot work at night, and cloudy weather makes technology unreliable during the day.

Trees can permanently remove carbon dioxide from the air and use it as their own food. Use carbon and store it in it. Plants use the energy of the sun for photosynthesis, purify the air and provide fresh oxygen. The sun also provides light and heat from a distance of 93 million miles, stimulates plant growth, and provides essential vitamin D supplements for mammals.

Solar energy provides clean, renewable energy. It is a safe alternative to fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, which can generate electricity, produce air, water, and pollute the earth. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) noted that fossil fuels due to acid rain, destruction of forest area and agricultural production caused by air pollution.

Solar biggest attraction is, as opposed to big companies control the mainstream of conventional energy, end- users can develop small-scale solar energy.

Technological advances, policies and government subsidies have reduced the high cost of solar systems.

As the efficiency of solar panels increases, the cost of solar energy has been greatly reduced. In the past ten years alone, the cost of installing solar panels has fallen by more than 60 %, and many industry experts predict that prices will continue to fall in the next few years.