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Creating A Backup Plan For Photos, Videos & Other Digital Data – metalor technologies

metalor technologies

If you have a smartphone, a digital camera or any other image-shooting device, you’ve likely taken digital photos and recorded videos. This fills up your SD card and within a few months you probably have a few gigabytes of digital data on your hard drive.


That is a lot to manage and if you fail to keep track and have a backup plan for these files, someday you may lose your valuable digital creations.


Many businesses and individuals play roulette with their digital data, and then end up with regrets. That doesn’t have to be your case. A backup plan can offer ease, flexibility and security to your data.


Here are some simple tips to develop a backup plan to safeguard your digital data for years to come:

Use more than one online backup service and platform


Every type of backup you use can go wrong for one reason or another, so it pays to backup your data in multiple places to avoid permanent loss. For example, a hack of your favorite cloud service may wipe your data and data of other clients, leaving you in no man’s land. Your best defense is to ensure you have data stored in different formats at multiple places.


Reputable photo and video storage services like SmugMug, Flickr and Shutterfly are ideal options, while online backup services like Carbonite and Dropbox also provide storage options. Further, you can use image management software to organize, search and tag photos, and it will also provide you advanced options like face recognition and geo-tagging. It will take time to upload files to backup services for the first time, but subsequent backups are quick and run smooth virtually in the background while you resume other tasks.

Redundancy and redeployment


Companies can store digital data on their in-house resources while individual can use their devices and systems for the purpose. However, this leaves data susceptible to fire or theft, without any offsite option. The cost associated with such redundancy can make the storage plan look cost effective, which is less than ideal.


Companies and individuals can reduce the capital-and-money intensive infrastructure costs of in-house and individual storage by choosing cost effective colocation services. As a result, resources that were previously used for digital data storage can be redeployed elsewhere. For customers, some companies can use physical and data security as thorough as they come, using monitoring solutions to ensure that nothing slips through the back and your videos, photos and other files always remain safe.

Use external drives and flash


External hard drives provide a cost-effective and convenient way to back up your digital data locally. This proves viable if other storage solutions like cloud backups go down and the devices originally used to create data are rendered useless. Many external drives also include software for automatic backups, and include apps for Windows and Mac.


Also, an image of the hard drive can be created on your laptop/PC so the software doesn’t have to be reinstalled provided you’re starting from scratch. Flash drives can also be used to create offline backups, but for similar storage capabilities as to hard drives, they are expensive. Flash drives are more convenient to carry and are the recommended solution where small amounts of data need to be stored.


Control Your Air Conditioning Services Wirelessly with IntensisHome – metalor technologies

Air conditioning systems are essential for the comfort of your home, but they’re often not very comfortable to set up for easy use. Devices are often complicated, and it can be a hassle walking form one end of the house to the other, every time you want to switch them on.


Changing the settings of your home heating and cooling systems from anywhere inside or even outside the house is now possible, thanks to IntensiHome’s new wireless controlling and monitoring system.


Built for users on the move, the system is designed for monitoring multiple air conditioning and heating pump systems throughout the home wirelessly, via an application that’s compatible with smartphones and tablet PCs.


The device is extremely intuitive, utilising a cloud-based app that works perfectly in tandem with IntensisHome’s already popular home devices, to provide full wireless control around your home.


Control Your Air Conditioning Services Wirelessly with IntensisHome


The cloud, which the new device’s technology is primarily based on, is a public Wi-Fi internet provider, giving users fast and reliable internet services via thousands of hotspots located around the world.


Perhaps the most advantageous aspect of the new controlling and monitoring device is that because it’s cloud based, your air conditioning can be accessed and fully controlled from anywhere in the world via your laptop, smartphone or tablet PC.


With this new device, IntensisHome proposes the answer to many common problems encountered when using modern day air conditioning systems: What do you do if you leave for work without switching off the heating systems? What happens if there’s a problem and you can’t make it home for when you were expecting to? All aspects of your home heating and cooling systems can be controlled and monitored via IntensisHome’s revolutionary new application.


The new device is especially helpful to users going to and from work regularly, and travelling long distances, offering control over power consumption to save costs all round. The company has also targeted parents with their new application, which allows users to have full control over any misuse of the home’s air conditioning if their children are left home alone.


Whilst being innovative, the device has also been designed to be easy to use. Utilising a user friendly interface, the system requires a simple series of instructions to get your system up and running in no time at all. Intensis have kept the consumer in mind with this design, focusing on a great user experience as well as developing for the future.


Control Your Air Conditioning Services Wirelessly with IntensisHome


IntensisHome’s new application is also optimised for mobile phones and tablet PCs, meaning you get a vibrant, easy to use display, no matter what device you’re viewing the application on.


The prospect of a device that takes all of the hassle out of managing home air conditioning systems is certainly something to get excited about, and now, thanks to IntensisHome, you can manage your home heating and cooling systems wherever you are.


IntensisHome devices are compatible with leading brands Panasonic, Sanyo, Daikin, Fujitsu and Hiyasu, and is planning to release applications for Toshiba and Mitsubishi in the near future. The IntensisHome system is available from all authorized air conditioning dealers, such as Breeze Installation.


Breeze Installation are air conditioning repair specialists located in the West Midlands, offering customers heating and cooling installation and maintenance all year round.