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Best Natural Pet Food

best natural dog food

As a pet owner, you want to ensure that you are providing everything that you can for your animal, just as you would do for anyone in your family. Providing proper nutrition is an important aspect to making sure that your pet stays healthy for as long as possible. Part of this effort includes finding the best natural pet food available for your four-legged friend.

Then again, this could be a lot more difficult than you would think. There are so many different types and brands of dog and cat food on the market. Each one claims that it provides the highest and most comprehensive natural nutrition that you can give your animal. Unfortunately, not all of these claims are true. So, given this huge fact, how do you know which one is the best natural pet food that you can get? There are in fact several factors that you need to consider because it actually depends on your pet.

Let us, for example, think about dogs. One of the first factors that you need to consider in finding the best natural dog food is your pet’s age. Each stage of a dog’s life has different nutritional requirements. Puppies need much more protein and calcium for growing bones and developing muscles, which is found in specific puppy foods. The young adult dog is still very active, but all development has ceased by this time. They will need a food that is more like an active formula so that they are receiving the most vitamins and minerals to help maintain their energy levels. Senior adult dogs are not nearly as active as their younger selves, and the best natural pet food option for them will address this; the food should be low in fat and calorie content, while still providing essential nutrients to prevent illness and disease.

Another factor that you need to consider when looking for the best natural dog food for your pooch is their current health. There are certain breeds of dogs that are more likely to develop diseases or recurring illness, and a natural pet food should help prevent these from occurring. For example, there are some dogs, like bull dogs, that are prone to become obese rather easily because of their body type; they have shorter legs and a more compressed torso, which makes activity difficult due to the short legs, resulting in difficulty breathing. The best natural pet food choice in this case would be one that helps prevent obesity by providing a low-fat and low-calorie diet.

Once you have worked out the previous two considerations, you can then narrow down your search for the best natural pet food based on what your dog prefers. With the body size and age factors in mind, you can start introducing small portions of different flavored recipes to your dog for a taste test.

The best natural dog food will be the one that addresses the particular needs of your pet, while still being desirable. You should not have to force him to eat it or add additional flavors. It should taste good to him without all that extra stuff added, which can in time defeat the whole purpose of the special food.


Is It Worth The Extra Money

There is a lot of confusion about pet food these days. You can find a ton of choices, but recalls on certain brands have caused a whole slew of new confusion. Many pet owners do not know which foods to choose now.

This is completely understandable. Natural holistic pet food, however, is different from all the other foods on the market. The evidence is in the ingredients list on the label.

Label reading can be rather difficult. Most of the ingredients in a typical bag of pet food are rather long and difficult enough to pronounce, let alone know what they mean. There are even some veterinarians that do not have any idea what half of them mean. It is important that you understand the ingredients that natural holistic pet food contains in comparison to other products.

Let’s start with beef foods and comparing typical foods to holistic pet food. Beef Food is very different from Beef Dinner. The difference is in the ratio of how much beef the specific food contains. Holistic pet food is Beef Food, which means that it has at least a 95% content of pure beef. Beef Dinner is only made using 25% beef content, which leaves a lot of room for unhealthy filler additives.

Another variation is the foods with chicken and seafood or fish. Natural Holistic pet food is entirely different here, too. Such foods will often be labeled as an entree or platter. With typical foods, the total content is only an average of 25%. When you have multiple variations, like chicken and seafood together, the total of the chicken and seafood is only 25%, so your pet is only getting 12.5% of each. Much like the beef varieties, holistic pet food varieties with these variations will total 95%, which reduces all the unhealthy stuff that your pet does not need to be eating.

In regular pet foods, the source of the meat, chicken, or seafood is generally limited to animal/seafood by products. What this means is that all of the scraps that cannot be eaten by humans are saved for use in pet foods. In many cases, the by products are not identified specifically. They can be any type of animal by product that has flavoring added to make the specific flavor. All you will see listed in the ingredients list is the simple phrase “meat by products.” Holistic pet food is not made with any by products, so you will not see this phrase on any of its labels.

It is very important to read the ingredients labels on the back of the products that you are giving your pet. There are a lot of things that are harmful to humans, and are just as harmful to pets. Pesticides, artificial preservatives, and artificial coloring are just a few. If you were to read the ingredients label of any holistic pet food, you will not see any of these items.

Natural holistic pet food is a balanced food, where all the ingredients used interact with each other. Other than the naturally occurring nutrients from the ingredients that are used in making each recipe, you should expect the holistic pet food that you choose to have other nutrients, like amino acids and extra vitamins, added based on the type of pet that you have. Different pets have different nutritional needs, and the natural holistic pet food that you choose should have custom tailored ingredients.