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Beginner’s Guide and How to Choose VPS Host

The evolution of technology for human life has reached a new level, which has already become the necessary aspect of modern people’s needs. Internet is the trigger of this evolution: market, social, transportation, even the medium of self-actualization. Hence, having a website for various purposes is a common phenomenon, and I bet you may have a blog or at least once posted on a blog. Do you ever curious about how the website can get online and enjoy by the billions of people across the world? The answer is by the hosting server services like VPS host. In this article, we will talk about the definition of VPS and its guide, the managed vs. unmanaged VPS hosting, and how to choose the suitable VPS hosting provider for you. Let’s get started below.

What is a VPS? A Beginner’s Guide to VPS Hosting

VPS is having a definition of the Virtual Private Server, which differs from other hosting services like cloud hosting or shared hosting. VPS (Virtual Private Server) can be considered as the virtualized computer or another hardware that important on hosting matters.

Server in the simple definitions can be known as the physical computers that receive the search engines’ requests like Google. Whenever the users want to visit your site, the browser or search engine will send the computer’s request, and then the computer will send the requested files to their computer or devices immediately through the internet connection.

In the VPS host, all the physical hardware used for hosting is fully virtualized to make it easier in its applications and manageable for many users. VPS host server provides the complete dedicated resource to its clients. That is one of VPS host servers’ advantages compared to the other hosting services such as cloud hosting or shared hosting. VPS host server also provides the private digital environment, which is able to increase the security on the clients’ hosting security.

Since the resources and space are dedicated to the users, there will be no more troubles due to performance issues or security issues.

For the pricing, the VPS host server is taking the middle level on hosting server services. VPS host server is not as expensive as the dedicated server and only a bit expensive above the shared hosting and cloud hosting.

VPS host service is entirely strategic for your hosting activity because it is able to give you an adequate hosting experience due to its dedicated resource, private digital space, security, and accessibility.

What Is Managed vs. Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

If you choose the VPS host server or planning to choose it on your hosting activity, you will find several terms such as managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting. What is managed and unmanaged VPS hosting actually? Well, we will reveal it in the below section.

Managed VPS hosting is a service offered by the VPS host provider which; in this service, the provider will give you full assistance in maintaining the VPS host server and also help you in troubleshooting, monitoring, and enhancing the storage for your hosting activity.

Managed VPS is suitable for the novice user in the hosting area because the VPS host provider will help the users 24/7 on the technical, features, and advisory. Indeed, those services are a bit higher than the managed VPS host services due to the full-service offered.

Not all the VPS provider provide the managed VPS. Some of them only offer the unmanaged VPS because the unmanaged VPS is cheaper, and no need to mind the license for the feature such as Plesk or Cpanel that costs a lot of money.

An unmanaged VPS host server is the opposite of managed VPS host server which in this VPS service, the users need to mind the process of maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting by themselves. Hence, it is not recommended for the novice user that not understand the hosting activity yet.

It can analogically as buy a plain house where you have to fill it with your own furniture, clean it by yourself, and fixing several things on your own. It may sound terrible, but actually, it is not, especially if you are an expert on the hosting service. You can get the advantage by its low-price compared with the managed VPS host server.

How Do I Choose a VPS Hosting Provider?

There are many VPS service providers out there that offer various plans and pricing to their clients. It may drive you confused to pick the best one for your hosting activity. Actually, you can conduct a mini-research about the VPS hosting providers on the internet or asking your colleague about the information of a VPS hosting provider.

If you are interested in finding it by yourself, you can assess the VPS hosting provider by looking at their performance, security, cost, and also the reputation worldwide.

The best VPS hosting provider must have the brilliant performance under their services. Stability, fast, and easy to use is the main term in conducting the best performance in VPS hosting. Before you manage to choose the VPS server for your hosting activity, you need to check the VPS hosting provider’s performance by reading the reviews and the plans they offer.

Then, the security. Security is a sensitive issue on the VPS hosting because the storage on the server contains important files or even personal ones. Not all of the VPS hosting provider gives you the best security service, especially the unreputable VPS hosting providers. To avoid you from the wrong decisions, you better look around on their website or looking for the information on the reviewer sites.

After that, you need to find the plan’s prices and compare it with what you will get over the packages. Most of the VPS host service providers providing various packages like managed VPS, unmanaged VPS, and some partial service else. Indeed, the prices are various according to the services include. To get the cheaper service, you can choose the unmanaged VPS, but if you are willing to get an all-in-one service, you can choose the managed VPS.

The reputation of VPS server providers is also affecting the pricing because the results of their services are proven and renowned over the globe.

Again, to find the best VPS hosting provider, you need to decide your goals and identify your needs to make it not overlapping between your actual needs and what the companies offer. After that, you can try to find some information on the internet and call them for further information about the pricing, services, and so on.