Friday, December 2

Basics marketing rules for Twitter in 2021

It makes sense for companies to create a Twitter account, because users of this social network are ready to see ads for goods and services in it. But you will have to try to ensure that the tone of the business content does not differ too much from the usual tweets.

What can a company tweet?

  • Your news
  • Manufacturing process
  • Link to blog posts, products and services
  • Promo codes and purchase incentives
  • Links to Youtube and Patreon

Make your page enjoyable

People often say there is a lot of useless noise on Twitter. But it all depends on who you follow and how you interact with other users. If Twitter makes you angry or insecure, then you are following the wrong people. Watch out for those who are energizing the feed with the right energy for your business.

It works like a nutrient and inspires you. Read industry news, spy on competitors, and enjoy customer interactions. Keep a separate account for political controversy so that the tone of your business profile doesn’t conflict with company goals.

Basics marketing rules for Twitter in 2021

The basics of using Twitter for business

  • Write a strong bio that communicates clearly about your activities.
  • Train yourself to tweet in such a way that a casual user can get an idea of ​​your company from the last six posts.
  • Publish content that demonstrates the value of your business. Your words are how people see your company on the Internet.
  • If you use the services for scheduled posting, visit Twitter at least once a day to reply to followers and interact with other accounts. It is a social network and you need to connect with people. Otherwise, it will simply be a waste of time.
  • If Twitter annoys you, but you still need to manage it, hire an SMM manager. Check his tweets first before posting to make sure they align with your goals and values.
  • Buy Twitter followers to get better engagement and boost organic reach.

How often should content be published?

Social media experts suggest sending about 15 tweets a day.

What content will be interesting?

For the page to be attractive and the business to look human, you need:

  • publish advertising content;
  • publish non-advertising content;
  • reply to other people’s posts;
  • retweet someone else’s content.

Do not forget that first of all, strategic goals are important to you, namely promotion. At the same time, self-promotion is difficult for many – it always seems that it will look like spam. Content can be presented in such a way that even with repeated publication it will look fresh. All you need is one free tool – Photoshop or even Canva could go perfect with it.