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A few months back, I went to the Aspire Style Fashion Show*. With the surprise and joy of getting pregnant, I somehow forgot to post about the fab time I had at the event. Seriously sorry about that! Therefore, some of the items might seem a tad festive, but the event was in the run up to Christmas. I attended the event with one of my lovely friends, and we had a great girly time. Now let’s get onto some of the gorgeous bits I spotted at my fave store. Here, for you, the Aspire Style Fashion Show…


So you might remember before, when I posted about the previous fashion show I attended in store. Basically, the event begins with a fashion show, accompanied by a drink and a goodie bag. It’s a great way to check out some gorgeous clothes and accessories in real life – as shown on real women of different ages. You are given a programme which offers info on the outfit choices which is really helpful to have. Once the fashion show is over, you are welcome to shop in store. There’s 15% discount on the night so it’s hard to resist making a cheeky purchase or 2! I snapped away some pics of the lovely items in store which is what I wanted to share with you. I’ll also let you see what I picked up myself at the end of this post. So here you go…

Shopping in Store


Aspire Style Fashion Show gummies


Yes, those are prosecco gummies! I’m telling you, if I wasn’t pregnant I would definitely have purchased them! There are lots of other gorgeous goodies on offer here, including jewellery and lovely candles.


Aspire Style Fashion Show christmas decs


So here are some of the festive goodies I was talking about. Yes, Christmas has been and gone, but I still wanted to share with you some of the pretty ornaments they have on offer.


Aspire Style Fashion Show wonderful


So here are some of the clothes I spotted. I love a good slogan tee, and this was one of my faves. Aspire stocks loads of great brands in store and online, so there is always something lovely to catch your eye. I also love how they group the items by colour range, palette and style.


Aspire Style Fashion Show cactus


So I was clearly attracted to the cactus range of products! I love how fun it is, with a range of different quirky products that are actually useful too!


Aspire Style Fashion Show mugs


Here are some more gorge goodies I spotted. These alphabet mugs would make a really great gift, as would these travel accessories. I picked up a travel wallet similar to these from Aspire a few years back, and love taking it with me on my jollydays! It is so handy to have everything you need to travel in one place.


Some more travel wallets in a different design. And just look at that super cute hedgehog dish!


I’m a real stationary addict and am forever picking up new notebooks ‘just in case’. I really love the look of these pretty sets. After all, you can never have too many, right?!


I’ve worn a watch for as long as I can remember and would be lost without it. I was really drawn to these pretty watches from Elie Beaumont, a brand I hadn’t heard of before.


More gorgeous mugs! I’ve seen these mugs a few times previously and always want to treat myself to one. However, I’m on a bit of a mug ban at the moment, as I just love them too much but there’s literally no room left in our cupboards! However, when a space becomes available, I know what I will be purchasing!


When I spotted these bags, I thought they looked a bit different, and really liked their design.


Yes, it’s those gummies again! But when capturing this shot, I was more interested in the lovely scarves and gorgeous leather bags. I really liked the different colours they came in. Plus, they look like a great size for when you don’t want to carry a huge bag around.


Ahh how cute are these bobble hats?! I literally want one in every colour! I also love the packaging of these hand creams and skin care essentials. My skin is really suffering at the mo in this rubbish British weather so think these would work wonders.


This was one of my fave sections of the shop and even features one of my mugs! Here it is as captured on my Instagram. There is also a sneaky peek of one of my most favourite brands ever – Happy Jackson.


Aspire Style Fashion Show mustard


Yay, I managed to capture some more clothes! Again, I really love the colour combo here on this rail. Mustard has to be one of my all time faves.


No matter what time of year, Aspire has plenty of great gift ideas no matter who you are buying for. I can think of plenty of people who would appreciate this gin game!


Ahh, what a dreamy Cath Kidston range! Aspire always has a great selection of Cath Kidston products in store, and I always seem to want everything! How can you not love polar bears and penguins?!


Katie Loxton is definitely one of my current obsessions, and I first discovered the brand at Aspire. She does the most amazing bags and accessories, so make sure you check her out if you haven’t already!


Ahh back to a bit of Cath, I clearly couldn’t resist! Here is a product that combines my love of CK with my crazy cat lady status – just look at that bag and purse! Want, want, want!


Here is some lovely jewellery from Last True Angel. This is perfect if you need a bit of bling to jazz up your outfit.


As well as clothes and accessories, Aspire has a really great range of books in store. There is literally something for just about anyone. You might remember, I picked up some fab books from Aspire last year that I shared with you over on my Insta.


Aspire Style Fashion Show dresses


Some really lovely dresses here, that we got to see on the fab models in the show before shopping the range.


Aspire Style Fashion Show penguin


How super cute is this penguin jumper?! I’m such a sucker for a novelty jumper, especially around Christmas!


Aspire Style Fashion Show coat


Just look at this coat! How lovely and warm does it look?! So perfect for the cold British winters we get.


So at all of the Aspire events I’ve been to, there has always been someone singing in the background. It always adds a little something extra to the evening and is a nice touch.

My Purchase


So you know I’m kinda obsessed with Katie Loxton? Well I had to treat myself to one of her bags, especially with the cheeky discount Aspire were offering on the night. I went for this lovely bag, which I must say I have been using so much since the event. I could have literally bought the whole shop, but had to show some constraint!


The picture doesn’t do it justice, but the colour is just fab. Plus, it goes with just about everything!

The Goodie Bag


So you might remember me mentioning at the start of the post that everyone who attends the fashion show bags themself a little goodie bag! And this was what was inside mine…


So this is a guide to the fashion show – basically including every item with the fashion show in order with a picture and price. It is handy to be able to refer to during the show.


So one of the items I bagged was this pretty pair of earrings. I was really impressed as I had also spotted them in store for £6.99!


The second item I got was this gorge scarf – what an amazing print! I’ve worn this a few times since the event and got lots of compliments.


So here are my 2 goodies together – and what a great combo they are!


So this was my experience at the fashion show event! My lovely friend and I had the best time, and would definitely like to attend the next one. Find out if you have an Aspire near you by checking out their website, and make sure you follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest if you want to keep up to date with their events (and of course swoon over their fab pics!)