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Ancient people could understand the world around them much better than the flat earth that was the centre if the universe, as we suggest for them. If we take a look at Greek mythology we can see a lot of knowledge hidden behind some myths. Some movements of known stars are saved on this form. As example we can see the myth of Kronos that eat his children until Zeus comes and changes the situation

Mars (the God of war) had two followers: Fovos and Deimos, they have been found recently as two small satellites of planet Mars, invisible with simple telescopes! There is also a strange related report at “the Gulliver’s travels” from Jonathan Swift. He reports also the amazing detail that one of the two satellites moves with the double speed of the other. Swift described that 150 years before the ‘scientific’ finding of these satellites.

A lot of indications forces us to conclude that at the religious ceremonies of the ancient times, known as Mysteries to Greece, there were given a lot of knowledge about astronomy and cosmogony. This knowledge was only for the few chosen people and was forbidden by the penalty of stop to talk about this knowledge on other people. This could be done only with symbolic level of myths that could be safe and useful for anyone.

Ipparhus reports that he was using geodesy methods able to determine every place on earth. If we check the accuracy on placing some ancient monuments in exact distances from others, this seems to be true. The result that this measuring method was giving is directly comparable to the methods that we use today! Only with the help of our artificial satellites we can get better results.

Many ancient Greeks knew the fact that the earth has a spherical shape. They not only knew the correct shape but hey had also calculated the periphery around the earth. Eratosthenes proved with experiment the statement of Aristotle about the spherical shape of earth with the next way: During the summer solstice at the Aswan and at Alexandria of Egypt, at the same time he measured the shadow of two sticks vertically placed on earth. At Aswan there was no shadow but at Alexandria the shadow has a length equal to the 1/5 of the stick. Knowing the two sides of the right angle triangle and the angle of 7 1/5 degrees, he calculated that is the 1/50 of the 3600. So, if we multiply the distance Aswan – Alexandria 50 times we get the perimeter of earth. This gives us 25.000 miles. Now we are able to find that this measure is off by 50 miles!

The sun central planetary system seems that was part of the ancient religious Mysteries of Elefsis and other places. When Aristarhos the student of Pythagoras taught that, Kleanthis said that the Greeks had to call him to apologize and convict him for blasphemy against the Gods. Some people believe that this was also the real reason that sent Socrates to stop . The report of forbidden knowledge to not ‘chosen’ insider people.

Map making was something very important for the ancient Greeks. But as a prime meridian they were not using the one passing Greenwich (and why should they?) but the one that passes from Giza and the big pyramid of Egypt. And why this, you can ask. It is the meridian that passes through the bigger part of earth if you have not observed it yet. It is also the only meridian that divides equally the sea and the earth!
Herodotus reports the side height of the great pyramid was a stadium, the 1/600 of a degree of geographical latitude. Agatharhidis from Knidos wrote at the 2nd century B.C. that the length of one side of the great pyramid was the 1/8 of one degree of geographical latitude. Both of them seem to know the dimension of earth.

Pythagoras concluded that earth has a spherical shape, observing the shape of the shadow that earth drops on the moon.

On many ancient monuments we can observe that they are on straight line with some stars or to the equinoxes. This means that some people could measure and build much better than we learned to believe for these time periods. We have a lot of such temples or monuments from south America, Egyptian pyramids, French megalithic tombs, Stonehenge, other north American observatory remains etc.

Stonehenge by itself could have material for an entire site. Built on latitude of 51o17′ is located to the best place for observations of sun and moon.
Great pyramid of Egypt also has many strange hi den knowledge. The four sides are four triangles exactly equilateral. The total length of the sides divided by two times it’s height gives the number pi=3,1416. It’s height multiplied to 10 million gives the distance from earth to sun. Doubling the length of the sum of the 4 sides we get the length of 1 degree at the equator as 1842,92 meters (today our moderns calculations gives us 1842,78). The weight of the pyramid (600.000 tons) multiplied to one billion gives the weight of earth.

Another strange source of unexpected knowledge can be found at the people of the central African known as Dogon. They have a lot of symbolic knowledge about the star Sirius and it’s movement. Many of them confirmed just recently from modern scientists! These people sustain that they came from Serius. It seems strange but this star can be found in the traditions of many peoples as Greeks Egyptians etc. In every people it has a different tradition but it seems to represent something important for all.

At the famous Nazka value of Peru except of the known shapes of animals, birds etc. there are also a lot of straight lines indicating astronomical directions. Maybe this is the most ancient book of astronomy. These shapes can’t be seen from the ground level but they are made following much smaller designs. What was the purpose for these lines and shapes nobody knows yet?

Mayas knew the existence of the most distant planets in our solar system, Uranus and Neptune many centuries before our civilization finds them again at 1781 and 1846.

Medicines aira tech corp

The advancement of the medicine is not so modern as we used to believe. Maybe it would be better to talk about a rebirth of the medicine…


We all know that a lot of knowledge of the use of herbs as medicine came to us with our spoken traditions. This can be explained maybe as observation thorough the ages, but we can’t explain some other knowledge that we also got, like the use of the spiders cobweb on infected wounds to cure it as we use today the penicillin.


People have used any available help to improve or to correct his vision from many years ago. This can be concluded for astronomical observations but also of some scripts that are describing lenses, as the one that Caesar used on his ring to see better the games in coliseum.


The caesarean used on parturition is a very old knowledge, even older than roman times that Julius Caesar born this way gave his name on the method.


Close to Saint Louis (Missouri USA) have been found skulls from Indians with inlays at their teeth made from a kind of cement! We manage to achieve this recently…

At the Egyptian Valley of the Kings, have been found mummies with a kind of bridge used to repair some teeth. It is much similar to what we use today.

Some teeth inlays have been found at skulls of Incas skeletons. These inlays are made from stainless steel! This is something that we don’t have the knowledge to do since then…

X ray radiogram

Mr B.Laoufer in his book ‘the prehistory of the aviation’ writes that the Chinese emperor Tsin Si (250 B.C.) was using a ‘magic mirror’ to can see within the flesh of the human. Was this something like X rays?

cosmetic surgery

On the Indian holy scripts there are some reports about cosmetic surgeries.

heart surgery

Let’s see something more impressive. At 1969 the universities of Leningrad and Ashaband (USSR), on an archaeological mission they found in a cave 30 skeletons almost 100.000 years old. 8 skeletons had strange marks on the bones of the chest. Over the place of the heart there was a healed wound on the cut bone and also the bones around had moved and came back to their proper places. Examining the periosteum over the cut bone it seemed that the man had lived at least 3 to 5 years after the surgery.

Other Surgeries like this one had also found too much younger skeletons at Palestine, Persia, Euzi of France etc.
From these indication we can conclude that with an unknown way and probably for healing purposes, some successful surgeries could happen to people that we believed to be in the stage between human and ape. It is obvious that we are missing something about the history, as we know it…

heart transplantation

At Egypt, from the library of Alexandria, has been found a script describing a heart transplantation during the kingdom of Djeser (3rd dynasty). When a guard of him wounded in the heart, the royal doctors replaced his heart with the heart of a veal! The scripture ends saying that the soldier cured! 5.000 years ago…

skull surgery

At the Egypt have been found skulls with marks from successful surgeries, since the person lived enough to heal the cut on the skull.
At the ancient Peru their doctors could replace part of a skull with a golden plate.

mad cow disease

We have heard recently about the mad cow disease that some people believe that is caused because the animals were eating meat against their nature. On the Greek mythology (or maybe history?) the same problem had the horses of Ganimidis when he feed them with meat to make them stronger. We kept this knowledge but we thought it was just another myth…


Since the ancient days viruses had stop ed a lot of peoples. At 1520 Spanish soldiers transferred an African slave to Cuba that was sick from variola. The half of the Aztecs was soon – not exist anymore – . At 1531 Spanish transfer the rubeola, same disaster. At 1545 typhus is transferred and later other viruses. This makes the local people to travel in very big numbers.

The Spanish soldiers got other venereal diseases like syphilis. This caused big problems to all Europe.


The caliber (I.Q.) of Mayas is measured to 85.8 for the men and 86.8 for the women. At USA the men has an average 79 and the women 80. Why such a deviation exists on these ‘farmer’ people?