Monday, March 20

Accessorize your summer style with straw hats – Women’s fashion tips for 2021

Did you know that straw hats have been in use throughout history? Straw hats have always represented class and, in some cases, even royalty. And, it has been making a comeback in the fashion world over the last few years. Straw hats are the perfect summer accessory, but you should remember that it is not just a part of beach attire. If you pair it right, it can make you look incredibly chic as well.

If you are looking for a straw hat made in USA, you should remember that the fashion world keeps changing as trends and styles come and go. However, there are several options and choices for you to try when it comes to summer styles. Summer is the time for bright and light outfits with a variety of color palettes. And, this is where straw hats shine as a versatile accessory. According to our fashion experts, every lady should have one classy straw hat in the wardrobe for the perfect summer fashion.

In the following section, we have listed a few outfit styles to pair with straw hats to complete the look.

Straw hats with white pants

Every summer vacation starts with the choice of outfits. Summer is the time for simple looks, but you have to think about the “chic” factor. It would be best to keep you cool during your travels and sightseeing if you had attire that will keep you cool. If you feel confused, you can always go for eyelet tops, slim-fit white pants, and slip-on flats. And, to top it all off, you need a straw hat to finish the perfect vacation look.

Beach rompers and straw hats

Are you thinking about a cute romper with your favorite bikini? Yes, it is the perfect beach ensemble or for that pool-party event. Choose a light and breezy colored romper to up the comfort quotient. Accessorize the look with some delicate jewelry, sandals, and your favorite straw hat.

Straw hats with jumpers

Jumpers are a great option if you are going for a glamorous yet carefree look. Jumpers can provide you with the perfect holiday experience while making you feel relaxed and fresh throughout the day. Once you have chosen the right jumper, pair it with a wide-brimmed straw hat and rounded handbag. You can also throw in a statement sunglass before clicking those holiday pictures.

Flounced dresses and straw hats

A flouncy dress during the summers is the perfect option to complement the spring in your step. A green flouncy dress makes every woman look feminine and elegant without making you look overdressed for the occasion. Accessorize with your favorite straw hat, and complement the look with a straw tote bag to rock the picnics and the beach walks.

With swimsuits

Spending a day at the beach will require you to slip into your swimsuit. But you need Sun protection as well. That is where a wide-brimmed straw hat can provide you with sufficient shade. If you are feeling a little lost for ideas, take a peek into celebrity social media profiles.

Striped pants and strawhats for a classy look

Picture a look; white pants with black stripes, a denim-button down top with a straw Fedora while on vacation. It is the perfect ensemble to roam down the streets, shop, run errands, or enjoy. You can also boost the chic quotient by pairing the ensemble with black or white stiletto.

Midi dress and the straw hat ensemble

Every woman loves a floral dress. Midi floral dresses are particularly in demand, especially during the summer months. Pair your midi dress with a floppy straw hat to provide protection during your outdoor activities.

Vintage-styled outfits

Vintage styles are a great option during the summer months. A half-sleeved frilly and short print dress with boater hats and block heels is a great vintage look. It is an extremely natural look if you can complement the colors and the style just right.

Belted dresses and straw hats

Floral straw hats are a brilliant idea for a young woman as this is the perfect accessory for short dresses in neutral tones. For that perfect summer look, pair your ensemble with gladiator-styled sandals.

Striped skirts and straw hats

Skirts are a rage with young women globally. Pastel-toned, long and breezy skirts are quite the trend, especially during the summer months. Pair a striped summer skirt with a simple white top and boater hat to complete the perfect elegant look during your travels. If you are traveling to a beach, make sure you have this ensemble packed in your travel bag.

Straw hats work with bright colors

If you have a collection of funky short dresses, then you can go wild with funky and floppy straw hats. You can embellish the style with tassels and stones to nail the “boho-chic” look.

So, you can see that straw hats can complement several summer styles. Shop around to choose the best styles. Happy vacations!