Thursday, August 11

A Guide to Video Marketing for Small Business


Video content has taken the whole world by storm due to its extensive dominance over every other format on public forums. The significant reason for its extreme popularity on all the social media platforms is the remarkable level of engagement with viewers with relative ease. 

Video marketing has become an incomparably effective mode of communication for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can benefit more as they can reach a much wider audience at an affordable budget. A clearly defined strategy for using marketing videos will enable small businesses to achieve the best results quickly and effectively. Videos can do wonders for small businesses at unexpected levels if utilized correctly.

Why do small businesses need video marketing?

Many people think that video marketing is a temporary trend or short-lived strategy in the modern world, but video content has proved that it is here to stay. Many small businesses have nurtured and grown because of the video format, and people have now slowly started realizing the importance of video marketing. Here are some video marketing statistics to showcase the effectiveness of the video format.

  • Almost 87% of the online marketers use video content, and marketers who use videos make revenue 49% faster than non-video users.
  • Videos on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% or more, and videos up to 2 minutes will get the highest engagement rate.
  • More than 68% of the marketers say that a video has a better return on investment (ROI) than Google Ads and 52% of the marketers say that video enables them to build trust with potential customers or consumers.
  • Approximately 96 % of the people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a service or product, and almost 86% of the people would like to see more video content from brands. 

These video marketing statistics are pretty enough to display the successful and practical results of the video content. Therefore, small businesses can use videos to execute their online marketing strategy, helping them expand and grow in a faster, profitable, and affordable manner.

Valuable tips for small businesses video marketing:

The greatest challenge that any business faces while making a strategy for video marketing is selecting the right video type for your target audience. Videos are effective tools that let you broadcast your message, boost your company’s brand, and have a larger impact on your potential customers. Small businesses can leverage videos to their full extent to produce a quick outreach technique, helping them conduct trade with global audiences at cost-effective methods.

The best video marketing guide and ideas for engaging your business with more customers are as follows:

  • Informative videos:

Educational or informative videos can help you create the brand awareness needed for the company to generate more user traffic. The video can include history, facts, mission, vision, production, manufacturing details, and the company’s products and services to provide the clients and viewers with additional information about the brand. The company’s transparent quality will help the customers relate more to your business and gain their trust eventually. This strategy will produce a significant increase in customer engagement along with informational content.

  • Testimonial videos:

Most people on the internet will turn towards a customer testimonial video or online review videos before buying any product or service online. A testimonial video need not necessarily include a customer speaking about the brand’s product on video, but getting it would convince the customer who is on the fence to buy the product or service. A simple testimonial video is created by adding all the positive reviews left by customers on the business’s website, emails, and social media accounts.

  • How-to videos:

The millennial generation watches YouTube for learning and entertainment. So, having a tutorial video or how-to video on the business’s products and services is an excellent way of answering all the questions that the company’s potential customers are searching for on the internet. The step-by-step process explained in the video will help a consumer solve the existing problem they are experiencing. This technique will help the business gain more customers in a shorter period.

  • Product videos:

The product videos are the best ways to capture the attention of any potential customers online. Small businesses can display the different ways their products and services can be used to help the viewers get an idea of what they are getting into. A product video placed on the company’s website or social media page can provide the users in-depth knowledge about the product and help your services stand out from the crowd. Having an innovative and professional-looking product video will offer you a significant advantage over the competitors since most people pick you over others.

  • Social videos or ads:

Social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms are today’s shortcut to reach a wider group of people in the shortest amount of time. Since everyone is online nowadays, the company can post a social media video on inspirational stories, quotes, fun videos, or celebrating any holiday events to boost customer engagement. Create a social video by featuring your customers during special occasions and certain holidays to make them feel valued about being your customer. 

A Guide to Video Marketing for Small Business

Specific video tips for small businesses:

  • Always start our video marketing with what you have in hand. Even if you have nothing, you can select high-quality images from stock websites and create professional-looking videos using many free video makers and editors online.
  • You can create attention-grabbing videos using your smartphone itself, and so, there is no need to invest in expensive cameras or production gear immediately.
  • The best video marketing guide will always suggest keeping your target audience in mind while making any video. The video must connect with the audiences to help you improve your business productivity and customer base.
  • Choose the ideal platforms to post your videos after understanding the customers’ mindset in every public forum.


Video marketing statistics (Social Media Week) state that almost 99% of marketers claim that they will continue to use video as their marketing approach in the upcoming years due to increased online user traffic.

 So, small businesses can leverage video to its full potential to gain higher customer traffic, conversions, and engagement. Video content has become the most effective way to promote any business, enhance the customer base, and boost brand awareness in the shortest time possible. Small businesses can leverage this powerful tool to any extent for improving their business in unbelievable ways and in a cost-effective manner.