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9 FAQs About Converting Your Excel File To PDF, Answered

So why should you convert your Excel file to PDF? There are many answers to this million-dollar question. From creating a neater-looking file to presenting important data that you want your coworkers and clients to see but not edit, converting any Excel file to PDF is just key in surviving, if not thriving, the corporate world. 

Media kits, pitch presentations, sales reports, among other company files, when you convert from Excel file to PDF, can easily be opened by all sorts of viewers whether they’re using computers, laptops, tablets, or even smartphones. What’s more, they don’t even have to install Microsoft Excel to do so. Not to mention, of course, how PDF is arguably one of the most popular, if not used, file formats these days. See, that’s one of the many wonders of technology that we should take advantage of. 

The Importance of Converting Excel to PDF

Now, if you agree with these valid points as to how important it is to convert Excel files to PDF to thrive in the corporate and digital world, it’s about time we discuss more about the process and the questions that surround it. To help you get started, we rounded up the frequently asked questions about converting Excel files to PDF, from the step-by-step instructions in doing so to other technicalities about creating the actual file. Check out the answers to these questions below: 

9 FAQs About Excel to PDF Conversion

1. What exactly are the Excel files I can convert to PDF?

You can convert Excel to PDF or what you see as an XLS file format, which is simply a Microsoft Excel file or a spreadsheet. These are used for data analysis, statistics, and tabular data, which you can view through Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc applications. Recent versions of Microsoft Excel are saved in an XLSX format. Now, if you want to change your XLSX files to XLS, you can just click “File,” “Save as,” and select the Excel workbook option from 1997 to 2003. Either way, you can convert both XLS and XLSX files to PDF using online tools.

2. How long will it take for my Excel file to be converted to PDF?

In case you don’t know, it’s a breeze to convert Excel files to PDF, thanks to’s converter. What’s even better is when you decide to convert Excel to PDF, you can retain its high quality and all the content within, from the rows and columns to the numbers, and even the tables in the Excel file, you can just view on the PDF file. It’s crucial to note, however, that if in case the program can’t complete the process, it’s usually because of your browser extensions. You might want to check on that and make sure these are disabled, at least when you’re converting Excel to PDF using this online tool to not experience technical issues.

3. Will it occupy a lot of space on my computer?

FYI, the more programs you have running on your computer, the slower your computer gets—which can be real trouble, especially if you’re juggling tasks with tight deadlines! The good news is this will not, in any way, happen when you try using the converter for your files. The conversion will take place in the cloud, including the storage, so there’s no need to worry about your computer’s capacity to store more files. This means no download or installation is needed to convert your Excel spreadsheets. Just focus on staying online so you can go on and start converting as many Excel files as you can to PDF.

4. What will happen to the content and quality of the file after converting?

If you’re worried about losing or ruining any formatting on your important spreadsheets, then let us ease your mind as early as now. With GogoPDF’s online converter, you can convert files to PDF in a cinch, with no editing needed later on. Do note, however, that if your document contains any non-standard font, these should be embedded into the file before you convert them to PDF. If not, then there’s a chance that the converted PDF file might not show the fonts you originally used.

5. Does it work on multiple platforms?

Yes, GogoPDF’s converter does work on multiple platforms, thanks to its accessibility and compatibility with the most commonly-used platforms. Feel free to open this online site using Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, to name a few.

6. Can the online conversion process protect my privacy?

What we like most about online converters like GogoPDF is it keeps our privacy safe and protected from third-party applications. It keeps our files secure 100% that all uploaded docs are removed automatically every hour. The best part? The rights will most certainly remain in your hand. This online converter won’t claim your spreadsheets or PDFs.

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7. How much will it cost me to convert my Excel spreadsheet to PDF?

It’s free of charge, at least when you use GogoPDF. Convert your Excel files to PDF quickly and easily for free, one spreadsheet at a time.

8. How can I share the converted file directly with my friends, family, or colleagues?

The exciting part about online converters like the GogoPDF tool is they often come with a button that lets you share your document on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms in an instant. Some tools even have customized features like multi-format file sharing, which lets you share images and other varied document types with anyone you know.

9. Last but most certainly not least, how do I convert my Excel spreadsheet to PDF?

Now, let’s go to the most important part. Here are three quick and easy steps to finally start converting your Excel spreadsheet to PDF using the GogoPDF tool:

Step 1: Select the XLS or XLSX Excel file you want to convert to PDF from your device. You also have the option to simply drag and drop it into the box provided.

Step 2: Wait for GogoPDF to finish converting your file, which will only take a few minutes.

Step 3: Download the converted PDF file to your computer or copy the link provided and share the file across social media.

Final Thoughts

With PDF being able to retain the quality and format of our seemingly complex spreadsheets, it’s only a matter of time before everyone converts their XLS or XLSX files to this simple document format. The information above may look overwhelming and hard to digest at first glance, but with a little practice, you can easily learn how to convert your Excel files to PDF in no time. To know more about the easy way of doing this process, you can go ahead and visit the GogoPDF site today.