Tuesday, March 21

7 Essential Things To Consider When Looking For A Rental Room

Whether it is your first rental experience or the last one, finding and selecting a room for rent can be a challenging and tedious task. Luckily, we were the first-time renters too, and thus, understand your problem. As long as you are aware of the right questions to ask or things to consider, you can easily locate the best single rooms for rent in Hyderabad. Here we have mentioned some basic questions or things you should consider finding the rented room fitting your budget and lifestyle requirements.

What is the rent charged?

The first and foremost question to ask yourself when looking for a room on rent in Hyderabad is that can you afford the rent of the particular accommodation? Before you opt for any certain room, you must consider the limitations of your budget. Don’t just go for the first room you came across with. Just check out the prevailing rate of rent in different neighbourhoods and go with the one you think will suit your budget. Always keep in mind that rents for the single rooms are way less than the entire apartment, so don’t fall in the trap of any real estate agent charging a higher price than the market rates.


Is the location convenient?


Location is an essential factor when considering renting a single room in Hyderabad. After you have shortlisted a few areas for accommodation:


  1. Don’t forget to analyse the convenience offered by all the areas.
  2. See if the location provides convenient access to grocery stores, hospitals, shopping complexes, and other basic facilities.
  3. If you don’t own a vehicle, make sure that public transportation is easily accessible from the place where you are going to rent a room. You should avoid selecting the area crowded with traffic.


What utilities are provided?


Nowadays, you can find the leases which provide and covers the cost of all the utilities, especially for the students who look for the rooms or PGs. Although such tenancies are expensive, now there is no need for the individual to calculate and pay for the utility bills separately. It is already included in the monthly rent. However, before opting for such rooms, it is important to check what utilities are being provided and the rates of the same? In case you are the one who doesn’t use much water or electricity, then your best bet is to go with the rented room that excludes utility bills.


What is the quality of the room?


Do not sign a lease for the particular room just by going through the perfect pictures provided on the online listings. Before you go with a single room on rent in Hyderabad, see the place in person. In case the shortlisted room has minor issues such as scratched paint of the walls, rusted locks of the doors, or broken blinds, these can be repaired, but if there is an indication that the room hasn’t been maintained, for long, then it is a big no.


How is the landlord?


Remember that renting a room is not just about living in that place, but you have to make sure that the relationship with your landlord is also good. If your landlord has bad ethics and is not aware of the boundaries, then renting a room can be the biggest nightmare. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, it is necessary to do research and find out about the nature of the potential landlord.


Is the rental agreement in writing?


It is always recommended to go with the rented room having the rental agreement in writing. Just avoid going with the room that does not have the written rental agreement. Also, before you sign the agreement for tenancy, it is essential to negotiate and go through its terms and conditions. You should be aware of the term of leases, rate of rent charged, mode of payment of rent, rules of the apartment or house, expected maintenance, and other things.


Is the neighbourhood equipped with basic facilities? 


No matter how decent the specific room is, it is of no use if your neighbourhood is not equipped with basic facilities. You don’t want to travel for hours just to get the groceries for yourself. Most probably, the basic facilities include a grocery store, hospital, health club, chemist shop, and so on. Along with basic facilities, you should also make sure that the neighbourhood you are considering moving in is free from crime or not. Safety is of utmost importance, especially when you are going to live alone.


Whenever hunting for a room to rent in Hyderabad, it is advised to consider the facts mentioned above so that you can locate the best place for accommodation.